‘The latest example of products falling through regulatory cracks and an inadequate societal focus on women’s reproductive health’.  Our recent report on the content of VOCs and phthalates contained in sanitary pads and diapers is causing a social wave. The study was spurred by an investigation from South Korean media outlets in 2017 that found new sanitary pads might be causing menstrual problems and irregularities and was broadened to the U.S. and other countries. In this study, nearly 6,000- and 130-fold differences of VOC and phthalate concentrations were seen among the sanitary pad brands. As Alexandra Scranton (director of Science and Research for Women’s Voices for the Earth) mentioned, it tells us that there are a variety of ways these pads are being made. We hope that our findings will contribute to the production of safe sanitary pads. Read here for more details.

Related to this, Jodi Flaws (Professor, Comparative Biosciences, UIUC), a co-author on the paper, joined Living on Earth’s Bobby Bascomb to talk about these toxic substances and how they impact health. Read here for more details.