WMC – COVID-19 response

To our many followers:

As we prioritize the well-being of our students and other volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wildlife Medical Clinic has suddenly gone from having 150 people working to care for our patients to having only four staff members.

We know that every veterinary hospital, human hospital, and organization of any kind is experiencing unprecedented challenges, and many people are facing serious health concerns. So we’re not complaining. But we’ve had to make some changes to ensure that we are using our limited resources as efficiently as possible.

Our goal is to keep our doors open to injured and sick native Illinois wildlife as long as we can sustain the high standard of care we expect of ourselves.

  • Only injured or sick animals will be accepted; we cannot care for healthy orphaned animals.
  • Wildlife staff will not have face-to-face interaction with finders; finders will leave animal, in the container they brought it in, with reception at the appropriate drop-off location. If you need the container back, please be sure to leave your contact information so we can return it at a later, safe date.
  • Where to bring an ill or injured wild animal: Between 8 am and 5 pm, Mon-Fri, bring animals to Vet Med South Clinic reception; all other times bring them to Small Animal Clinic reception.
  • All outreach events, public appearances, and fundraisers on behalf of the Wildlife Medical Clinic are cancelled until further notice. This reality will be particularly devastating to our budget. Here’s how you can help: If you would like to sponsor a day in the Wildlife Medical Clinic, adopt an ambassador animal, or make a donation, please visit our website: https://vetmed.illinois.edu/wildlife/giving/

If you have any questions, please call and leave a message at 217-244-1195. We will return your call as soon as we are able.

Thank you for your patience and for supporting our mission of wildlife care, education, and conservation despite these trying times!