Graduate Programs

Research at the college covers the gamut of living organisms­, from bacteria to toxins to virtually all animal species, including humans. It encompasses sciences ranging from complex molecular biology to epidemiology to applied medicine to public health and economics.

The focus of study, service, and discovery at the College of Veterinary Medicine is to improve health in the broadest sense: the health of animals, of people, and of the environment. Join us if your passion is to bridge the gap between basic and applied science, translating findings from the laboratory into useful therapies in the clinical setting.

Follow these links to learn about the wide array of graduate degree programs available through the three academic departments in the college.

For information about the DVM-PhD degree program, visit the Veterinary Medical Scholars Program page.

To learn about the joint DVM-Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program offered in conjunction with the University of Illinois-Chicago School of Public Health, see the DVM-Master of Public Health Degree page.

To learn about the Masters of Veterinary Science in Livestock Systems Health offered in our online learning program.