Lab Outreach

Our lab encourages its members to be active in both the scientific and broader communities. Here are some groups and outreach opportunities in which our lab has participated.

Campus Groups and Events

  1. NSP Brain Awareness Day
    Brain Awareness brings Neuroscience Graduate Students to Champaign-Urbana and other local schools to present K-12 students fun lessons and activities about how the brain works, and the importance of brain health.  Please be on the lookout for notifications on how to participate if you are a UIUC neuroscience scholar, or if you are an educator that would like to bring Brain Awareness to your schools and classrooms. Dr. Bonthuis is the Faculty Advisor for Brain Awareness and you may contact him about information and plans for future events.

External Groups

  1. Mentor Matching Engine (MME)
    The MME is a web based program that connects under served Illinois high school students to STEM professionals who serve as online mentors. MME is able to offer high-quality mentoring experiences that overcome geographic barriers. MME is an initiative of the Illinois Science & Technology Institute (ISTI).
  2. Letters to a Pre-scientist
    They create personal connections between students from high-poverty schools and real scientists in order to demystify STEM careers and empower all students to see themselves as future scientists.
  3. SfN Neuroscience Scholars Program