Gosling Rescue in the news!

WCIA 3 News joined Dr. Sarah Reich and some of our student volunteers as they ventured out yesterday to rescue some goslings from a rooftop! The patio was a great place for the adults to lay their eggs and protect their babies, but now that they’ve hatched, it wasn’t an ideal place to live. Our volunteers are not often able to take part in rescues like this so we are excited to share when we do, and especially when they end with young wildlife staying with their parents instead of being admitted to the clinic! Follow the rescue crew on this WCIA 3 News segment!

Canada Goose Release!

On February 6th, the Illinois Raptor Center transferred a Canada goose to us that was found in Decatur, IL unable to fly with a wound on one elbow. Injuries near a joint must be specifically evaluated to ensure the joint itself is unharmed; if there is damage, the patient will likely develop painful and debilitating arthritis, making it unreleasable. Radiographs were taken and luckily no damage was appreciated to the joint and no fractures were found.

A total of 5 metal pellets, presumably BBs, surprised the team on radiographs!

However, the goose did surprise us with a total of 5 metal pellets, presumed to be BBs, scattered throughout its body! With several radiographic views, the team was able to determine that none of the pellets were likely to cause damage or leech lead into the GI tract, so they were not removed.

Two sizable soft tissue wounds, one on the patients back and another at the right ‘elbow’ joint needed extensive debridement and bandaging, and both healed beautifully during its time with us. Along with medical management, the team performed passive range of motion therapy (similar to physical therapy in people) and laser therapy every other day to ensure the patient’s flight muscles stayed strong despite bandaging and hospitalization.

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