Wildlife Friendly Halloween Decorations

The beginning of the holiday season is starting off this month with (arguably) the best holiday, Halloween! If you are anything like me, you know that decorations are some of the most fun aspects of any holiday, but we have to be careful with the kinds of things we put outside and how they appear to our native wildlife.  There is nothing better than some spooky decorations that are also safe for every critter outside.  Here is a list of some helpful dos and don’ts of decorating for spooky season! Continue reading

Quarantine Scavenger Hunt!

If you are anything like many of us at the Wildlife Medical Clinic, then staying at home 24/7 takes a toll on you! However, this is a wonderful chance to spend some time outside (while practicing social distancing) and see the beautiful natural ecosystem of Illinois. We are lucky to have a variety of animals living just outside our doorstep that can help make staying at home that much more entertaining. With all of this newfound time, why not explore just how much there is to see outside? We present to you a scavenger hunt of things to find, see, hear, and experience, all from your own backyard! This list contains many different things that can be found in our region of Illinois. Good luck finding all of them and be sure to document your adventure with some pictures along the way! You can share your photos with us on Facebook!

  • Red-tailed hawk (pro tip: look for one flying above or perched on a telephone pole)

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