rvetILLINOIS Newsletter

Read archives of rvetILLINOIS, a monthly newsletter for referring veterinarians produced by the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.


June:  Immunotherapies for Aggressive Canine Solid Tumors, New Clinical Trials in Oncology, Spotlight on Dr. Lori Madsen, and More

May: Anesthesia for Caesarian Section in Dogs, Purina Gift Elevates Nutrition Education, Spotlight on Dr. Will Sander, and More

April: Novel Probiotic Therapies for Chronic Enteropathies in Dogs, Lobby Renovation Redirects, Spotlight on Dr. Kyle Chu, and More

March: Comparison of Omeprazole and Sucralfate in Equine Gastric Disease, Next Clinical Medicine Head, Spotlight on Dr. Bailey Brame, and More

February: Treatment Options for Fractured Teeth, RHDV Vaccine Clinics, Spotlight on Dr. Suma Rao, and More


December/January: Immune-mediated Hemolytic Anemia, Message from the Hospital Director, Spotlight on Dr. Clara Moran, and More
November: Cytology, Gabapentin, Spotlight on Dr. H. Nicole Trenholme, and More
October: Epilepsy, Ivermectin Issues, Spotlight on Dr. Hadley Gleason, and More
September: Delaying Resistance, Beyond Use Date, Spotlight on Dr. Edgar Garrett, and More
August: Preparing Cytology Slides, Spotlight on Dr. Becky Morrow, and More
July: Pimobendan Updates, Spotlight on Dr. Michael Rosser, and More
June: CT in Zoological Companions, Cycle Counts, Spotlight on Spencer Kehoe, and More
May: Tracheal Stenting, Ocular Diseases, Spotlight on Audrey Billhymer, and More
April: Coxofemoral Luxation, Recordkeeping Tips, Spotlight on David Williams, and More
March: Foot Pain Study, Hazardous Drugs, Spotlight on Carrie Chandler, and More
February: Ergonomics in Dentistry, ER Update, Spotlight on Dr. Alex Gochenauer, and More


December/January: ECC ‘Point of Care’ Ultrasound, OTC Toxicities, Spotlight on Dr. Meghan Fick, and More
November: Minimally Invasive Surgery, New Trials, Spotlight on Dr. Jordan Kirkpatrick, and More
October: Spinal Cord Disease, New Trials, Spotlight on Dr. Saki Kadotani and More
September: Cattle markets, online master’s, and spotlight on Dr. Igor Canisso
August: Updates from oncology, dermatology, and more
July: Murmurs, New Equine Arena, Spotlight on Dr. Jacqui Scott, and more!
June: Ferret Care, Spotlight on Dr. Jenica Haraschak, and more!
May: Eyes on Fire, Wildlife Clinic Reopens, Spotlight on Dr. Graeme Doodnaught, and more!
April: Cyclosporine in Dogs and Cats, Coronavirus in Zoo Animal, Spotlight on Dr. Sara Connolly, and more!
March: Coronavirus Resources, Colic Survival Rates, Spotlight on Dr. Pamela Wilkins, and more!
February: Top 10 Ways to Improve Dental Health, Spotlight on Dr. Danielle Strahl-Heldreth, and more!


December/January: Update from ER Head, Spotlight on Dr. Amy Schnelle, and more!
November: Tips for Obtaining Radiographs, Spotlight on Dr. Scott Austin, and more!
October: October rvetILLINOIS: Seizures and Anticonvulsant Medications, Immune-Mediated CNS Diseases Alphabet Soup, Spotlight on Dr. Devon Hague, and more!
September: Cattle Winter Feeding, Illinois Legislative Changes, Spotlight on Dr. Lauren Forsythe, and more!
August: Tips for Backyard Chickens, Wildlife Rehab, Spotlight on Dr. Samantha Sander, and more!
July: Using Cardiac Biomarkers, Spotlight on Dr. Kimberly Hooi, and more!
June: Linear Accelerator Launch, Spotlight on Dr. Alycen Lundberg, and more!
May: Blasto in the Eyes, Spotlight on Dr. Marcella Ridgway, and more!
April: The Yeasty Side of Dermatitis; Weighing Renal Function Indicators
March: Meet Dr. Clarissa Souza and More!
February: Dental Health Month and Neurology Trial


December/January: Meet Anesthesiologist Tamas Ambrisko an Referral Coordinator Michelle Jaeger
July: Root Canal Therapy, Brachycephalic Syndrome, CARE Helpline, and More
June: Intraocular Tumors, Eye Exam Programs, Spotlight on Dr. Jennifer Reinhart, and More
May: We’re Growing, New VCM Head, Spotlight on Client Counselor Specialist
March: Recurrent Laryngeal Neuropathy in Draft Horses, Opioid Shortage Update, More
February: New Rx Monitoring Law, New rDVM Coordinator, Opioid Shortages, More


December ’17/January ’18: New Chief of Staff, Hospital Expansion, Opioid Updates, Spotlight on Dr. Stern, and More
November: Antibiotic-Resistant Infections in Pets, CE for Vet Techs, Spotlight on Dr. Tonozzi, and More
October: Illinois Leads the Way for Cardiac MRI, Fall Conference, Spotlight on Dr. Krista Keller
September: First U.S. Modified LATE and Ala Vestibuloplastyt in Brachycephalic Dog, Spotlight on Dr. Kim Selting
 FAQs on Imaging at Illinois, Spotlight on Dr. Sharon Wagner
 Cytology for Primary Osteolytic Neoplasia, Spotlight on Dr. Anne Barger
 Geriatric Critical Care, Pediatric Critical Care, Spotlight on Dr. Jordan Vitt
May: FOSCC Clinical Trial, Pot-Bellied Pig Sedation, Spotlight on Dr. Daniel Duffy
April: Working Dog Saved from Amputation, Emergency Protocol for Opioid Exposure, Spotlight on Dr. Efa Llewellyn
 3T MRI and Equine Lameness, Behavior Case Triage, Spotlight on Dr. Kelly Ballantyne
February: Farrier Services, Laminitis, Patent Urachus, Spotlight on Dr. Kara Lascola
January: Ear Canal Tumors, Atopic Dermatitis, Spotlight on Dr. Amy Somrak


December: Canine Influenza, Ophthalmology Update, Spotlight on Dr. Katie Fleming
November: Radiology Update, Neuro Developments, Spotlight on Kari Foss, DVM, MS, DACVIM
October: Hidden Cancers, Children’s Grief Responses, Spotlight on Tim Fan, DVM, DACVIMSeptember: Chylothorax in Cat, American Hero Vet Tech Winner, Spotlight on Michelle Jaeger, CVT, VTS
 Cardiology and Spotlight on Dr. Ryan FriesJuly: Fall Conference, Shelter Medicine, Spotlight on Dr. Santiago Gutierrez
 Equine Dystocia, Reduction of Vitamin D in Dog, Spotlight on Jessica Garrett, CVT, VTS (ECC)May: Staph, Chronic Otitis Externa Cases, Spotlight on Sandy Grable, CVT
 Epidemiology of Reptile Diseases, Grooming Birds, Spotlight on Dr. Julia Whittington
March: Shockwave Therapy & On-Farm Dynamic Endoscopy Offered, Spotlight on Dr. Fabio Lima 
 Total Hip Replacement, Updates on ‘Skinny old Cats,’ Spotlight on Dr. Stephanie Keating


December: Pharmacy Updates, Avian Influenza, Spotlight on Chief of Staff Dr. Laura Garrett, More
November: Pharmacy Webinar, Evaluating Horses Recovering from Anesthesia, More
: Zinc Neutering, MDR1 in Cancer Patients, More
September: Tape Muzzle Helps Maxillofacial Injuries, Phone App, Spotlight on Dr. Mauria O’Brien
August: Why Cats Don’t Vomit Like Dogs, Apoquel for Itchy Dogs, Spotlight on Dr. Tisha Harper
July: Poisonous Plant Garden, New Biotyper, Spotlight on Dr. Jason Pieper
June: Aging Cats, Scoop on Feline Diarrhea, Spider Monkey Treated, Spotlight on Dr. Stanley Rubin
May: Blood Clotting in Horses, Horse Rehab, Spotlight on Dr. Annette McCoy
April: Cardiology, Canine Influenza, New Hospital Leadership, Mobile Surgical Unit


October: Rabbit Husbandry, Rabbit GI Disorders, Spotlight on Dr. Kenneth Welle
August: Client Communication, New Treatment Approach for Osteosarcoma, Spotlight on Dr. Jackie Wypij;
June: IV Lipid Emulsion, Imaging Advances, Spotlight on Kim Knap, CVT, CCRP
May: Investigating Markers for Drug Allergy, Spotlight on Dr. Karanvir Aulakh