Welcome to the Botanical Estrogen Research Center

Project Investigators

PROJECT 1: Molecular Mechanisms and Cellular Pathways of Botanical Estrogen Activity

Katzenellenbogen, Benita S., UIUCProject 1 Leader katzenel@illinois.edu
Katzenellenbogen, John A., UIUCProject 1 Co-Leaderjkatzene@illinois.edu

PROJECT 2: Botanical Estrogen Actions in Bone, Uterus, Mammary, and Breast Cancer Metastasis

Helferich, William G., UIUC Project 2 Leader helferic@illinois.edu
Turner, Russell, Oregon State UnivProject 2 Sub Leaderrussell.turner@oregonstate.edu
Iwaniec, Urszula, Oregon State Univ Project 2 Sub Co-I urszula.iwaniec@oregonstate.edu

PROJECT 3: Botanical Estrogens and Cognitive Function

Schantz, Susan L., UIUC Project 3 Leader schantz@illinois.edu
Korol, Donna L., UIUC Project 3 Co-PI dkorol@illinois.edu
Helferich, William G., UIUC Project 3 Co-I helferic@illinois.edu

CORE A: Botanical Identification, Characterization, Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Khan, Ikhlas A., Univ of Mississippi Core A Leader ikhan@olemiss.edu
Smillie, Troy J., Univ of Mississippi Core A Co-Leader tsmillie@olemiss.edu

CORE B: Pharmacokinetics, Bioavailability, and Metabolism

Doerge, Daniel R., NCTR Core B Leader daniel.doerge@fda.hhs.gov

CORE C: Administrative Core

Helferich, William G., UIUC Core C Leader helferic@illinois.edu