Envirovet Summer Institute

Calling All Alumni

We want to hear from you

One of the many benefits of Envirovet is the opportunity to network with environmental professionals from around the globe. Your participation in Envirovet has given you unique contacts to a cadre of fellow veterinarians, wildlife specialists, and environmentalists. An important criterion by which funding agencies judge the success of Envirovet is the collective achievement of our past participants. Help us fund Envirovet by telling us a bit about what you've done since you attended the Summer Institute, and about your future plans.

Stay a part of the Envirovet community, and keep us updated!

Please send an email to: kvgilardi@ucdavis.edu.

Some of the things we'd really like to know about are

  • name changes
  • your contact information
  • jobs, roles, and training you've had since Envirovet
  • your professional and research interests