Set Up a Video Conference with a Non-UIUC Contact Using Skype for Business

You can video conference with anyone outside of the University using Skype for Business by inviting them to a Skype meeting using their email address.  The external contact(s) simply click an email link to join the meeting in their web-browser.

Scheduling the meeting using Outlook

  1. In Outlook Calendar, click on the New Skype Meeting button in Home ribbon.
    new skype meeting
  2. In the Meeting pop-up window, adjust the meeting details as desired.
    skype meeting details
  3. Enter the email address of the external contact into the To… field (if more than one, separate addresses using semi-colons).
    skype to field
  4. Click Send.  You will see the online meeting in your Outlook Calendar and the external contact will receive an email invitation to the meeting.

Joining the meeting


  1. Open the appointment in your calendar and click the Join Skype Meeting link.   OR    Click Join Online in the pop-up Outlook reminder.
    scheduler join from calendar    skype meeting reminder
  2. Select the Use Skype for Business (full audio and video experience) option and click OK.
    join audio meeting
  3. To start video click on video icon and select Start My Video.
    start video

External Contact

  1. In the email, click the Join Skype Meeting link.
    email join skype
  2. In the web browser, if Skype for Business is not installed on your device, download and install the Skype for Business Web App plug-in.  After the plugin is installed, click Join the Meeting.
    install plugin
  3. Select Sign in as a guest to the meeting, then type in your name and select Join the meeting.
    sign in as guest      guest name join
  4. If you have any problems joining the meeting as outlined above, more information is available on the Join a Skype for Business Meeting Microsoft Support page.  If you continue to be unable to join the meeting, you may join by phone (audio only) using the one of the phone numbers and the Conference ID provided in the appointment email under the heading join by phone.