U of I Box – Unlimited Storage

Use U of I Box to store, share, and collaborate on documents. Box offers a modern web interface and enterprise security suitable for most files, including FERPA protected data.

Learn more about using U of I Box at web.uillinois.edu/box.

Benefits of using U of I Box:

  • Secure file storage in the cloud
  • Unlimited storage for students, faculty, and staff
  • Provides secure legal storage for FERPA data
  • Allows secure file sharing within or outside of the U of I network (Share folders and collaborate with constituents outside of the university)
  • Is compatible with Blackboard-based applications such as IllinoisCompass 2g
  • Allows synchronization and collaboration on projects using Google Apps and other tools
  • Use Box Sync to synchronize files to your desktop
  • For mobile devices, try the Box Mobile Client

NOTE: The use of U of I Box for storing or sharing highly restricted data such as SSNs or health information is forbidden.