Wildlife Encounters: Kindergarten - 4th Grade
Lesson 4: Rehabilitation
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Rehabilitation Challenges

Working with wildlife is not easy. Wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians deal with very different problems than people that work with domestic animals like dogs and cats. Click the images below to learn about some of the unique challenges of working with wild animals!

hiding pain

One of the biggest challenges in wildlife rehabilitation is not being able to help every animal. In order to live in the wild and be releasable, animals need to be 100% healthy. If a bird cannot fly, or a mammal cannot see, wildlife rehabilitators cannot release them back to the wild because they will not survive.

Some of these non-releasable animals can find homes in zoos or other programs where they help teach people about wildlife. Although it is never an easy decision for wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians, sometimes an animal needs to be euthanized if it cannot be released.

Click the images below to learn why some wild animals are non-releasable.

broken wing
turtle xray
deer overpopulation


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