Wildlife Encounters - 9th - 12th grade
Lesson 4: Wildlife Rehabilitation
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Lesson IV: Wildlife Rehabilitation:
Veterinary Care, Education, and Conservation

Wildlife Medicine – What does it mean?

wildlife medicine collage

All doctors work to provide the best care for their patients. Medical doctors that care for humans must become knowledgeable and skilled to care for people of all ages and backgrounds. Veterinarians do the same for animals such as your family's pet dog or the animals produced for food. Wildlife veterinarians provide for the health and welfare of wild animals that live in the wild and also those that are kept in zoos. Some wildlife veterinarians provide care to wild animals that are found and brought to the hospital while others work on populations of wildlife in their natural habitats. Wildlife Medicine is the practice of providing for the care and health of animals found living in the wild. This lesson is about the people who care for wild animals when they become sick or hurt.



Wildlife Medicine