Wildlife Encounters - 9th - 12th grade
Lesson 2: Wildlife Populations
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Orphan Myths

Orphan Myths Game

Do you know the truth about wildlife babies? Try answering these questions to test your knowledge!

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What Can You Do to Help Wild Babies?

  • Keep cats indoors during baby season! If you do let your cats outside, try to keep them indoors for spring and summer when wild animals have their babies. Cat bites are common injuries to wild babies, and many wild animals are orphaned when cats kill their parents.
    cat stalking
  • Get to know your local wildlife rehabilitator! Know who to call in your area if you find wild babies. Your local wildlife rehabilitator may also need volunteers to help care for their animal orphans! A list of Illinois rehabilitators can be found here
    bird rehab
  • Teach others! Spread the word about when wild animal babies should be rescued and when they should be left alone. Teaching others what you know about wild babies will help people from accidentally kidnapping wild babies. More information can be found at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Living with Wildlife website.
Living with wildlife in Illinois
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