Wildlife Encounters - 5th - 8th grade
Lesson 2: Wildlife Populations
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Wildlife Babies

Imagine being able to walk or even run as soon as you were born! Animals that can are called precocial. Precocial animals are born with all their hair, feather, or scales and are able to see, hear, and move around their habitat. Examples of species with precocial babies are ducks, horses, and deer.


baby birdsAltricial animals, however, are born with little to no hair or feathers, with eyes and ears closed, and must receive weeks or even months of care from their parents before they are able to survive on their own.

Examples of species with altricial babies include the squirrel and many song birds.

baby animal

The Baby Name Game

The babies of different species have their own names that are used to describe them. Try to pick the unique name for the baby of each type of animal:

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