Due to the rabies risk, the WMC is not able to accept bats. If you find a bat that is sick, injured, or orphaned, notify the Department of Public Health in your county for direction. For more information on bats in your home, please consult the CDC website on Rabies and Public Health.

Found a bat? Bats are known to carry rabies. Do not attempt to touch the bat with your bare hands. Bats can carry the rabies virus in their saliva, which is coated over their body during grooming. If you touch the bat with your bare hands, even if you did not get bitten, notify the Public Health Department immediately. Use very thick gloves or welding gloves to protect yourself. Pin them against the wall with a box or can with a lid. Take it outside and release it. If it is winter or if it is injured do not release. If it is night, leaving doors open and lights on in the house will induce the bat to leave on its own. Nursing baby bats may be clinging to their mothers. Don’t release a bat if it is sick, injured or too young to live on its own. If you have any further questions, call the Illinois Department of Public Health at 217-333-6914.