A Barred Owl Valentine

Barred Owl: from head trauma to flight

An adult barred owl was brought to the Wildlife Medical Clinic on a cold February day. Volunteers quickly appreciated classic signs of head trauma: dazed look, inappropriate reaction times, blood in the mouth and nares, and even a deviated mandible (lower jaw).

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Red-Shouldered Hawk Case

Tony Bieser, VM20, Team Leader

Red-shouldered hawk (Buteo lineatus)

 This hawk presented to the Wildlife Medical Clinic after being found down near a public road. The finders cared for the patient for an unknown amount of time before they eventually brought them to the WMC for care. On presentation, the RSHA had an obvious left-wing deformity and was unable to fully extend their elbow and carpal joint. Because of this abnormality, radiographs were performed to determine etiology.

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