Thank you for your interest in adopting an ambassador of the Wildlife Medical Clinic. Your contribution will help to support the care for each of our ambassador animals. In return, you will receive an informational sheet about your ambassador and an 8″x10″ photo. Opportunities to meet these magnificent animals can be made through our public education program.

Why Keep Ambassadors?

Each of our ambassador animals are previous patients of the WMC, presenting to the clinic with an injury that deemed them unreleasable (they would no longer be able to survive in the wild The humble Virginia opossum, America’s only marsupial, kills nearly 95% of ticks which cross their path. It is estimated that a single opossum is capable of eating an estimated 5,000 ticks every season!on their own). While they were treated with the intent of release into the wild when they came to us as patients, one of two situations arose that deemed them unreleasable animals: their injury was either unfixable, or medical complications unfortunately arose during their time as a patient, which eventually prevented them from being 100% healthy and releasable. Each ambassador has their own story, and it is of utmost importance to understand that the injuries these animals received were so debilitating, that they would not be able to fend for themselves if released. Although they live with us, they are in no way house pets–we consider them tolerant of people, but they are not tame. We still respect their wild nature and instincts when working with them.

The residents serve as ambassadors to the public about the importance of caring for our environment and the wildlife we share it with. Ambassadors travel with us to grade schools, wildlife events, and even museums to teach the public that it is crucial that we make an effort to maintain the natural order of our environment.

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