Not Good Target Practice

Recently, a Canada goose presented to the Wildlife Medical Clinic after potentially being shot (illegally if outside of waterfowl hunting season). Sure enough, a small wound was found under the right leg and one mall metal pellet was palpated. This pellet was removed, and otherwise, the goose appeared bright and active (and of course, hissing). The goose was given an injectable, long-acting pain medication as well as an oral antibiotic. We wanted to start with a broad-spectrum antibiotic to cover any possibilities considering we didn’t know what could be in the wound. The final drug started was an oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Continue reading

Gosling Rescue in the news!

WCIA 3 News joined Dr. Sarah Reich and some of our student volunteers as they ventured out yesterday to rescue some goslings from a rooftop! The patio was a great place for the adults to lay their eggs and protect their babies, but now that they’ve hatched, it wasn’t an ideal place to live. Our volunteers are not often able to take part in rescues like this so we are excited to share when we do, and especially when they end with young wildlife staying with their parents instead of being admitted to the clinic! Follow the rescue crew on this WCIA 3 News segment!