Quiz: Which Ambassador Animal Are You?

If you have been following the Wildlife Medical Clinic for any period of
time, then you have seen how much we love all of our ambassador
animals, and you have probably fallen in love with them yourself!
These incredible animals help us by serving as liaisons between the wild
and you, highlighting their species adaptations and the conservation
efforts important to their survival. What you may not know is that they
all have very robust and definitive personalities that keep us on our toes
daily. There is never a dull moment working with the ambassadors, so
try your hand at this short quiz to see which of our animals you most
closely resemble! The results may surprise you.

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Conservation Themed Holiday Gift Ideas

Haven’t finished all of your holiday shopping yet? There are a ton of fun and thoughtful conservation themed gifts that you can give this season! Here are just a few ideas for gifts that will make your family and friends smile all while helping wildlife and the environment.

Snazzy Socks!

Everybody loves a pair of fun socks. They are a great gift to give to anyone – adults or kids! There are a few conservation inspired companies that sell a variety of socks with different colors and patterns. The company Gorilla Socks was created in order to raise awareness of endangered species including their threats and serious risk of extinction. Every pair of socks purchased helps to support their conservation partners in an effort to save endangered species around the globe. Shongolulu is another great company that also has other products available, including hats and scarves! For every purchase, 10% of the proceeds will go to non-profit organizations that are working to save wildlife, protect endangered species, and preserve critical habitat.

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Christmas Tree Recycling

Did you know that an estimated 6 million real Christmas trees are discarded every year?

This iconic holiday decoration can take quite a few years to decompose in the landfill, releasing methane in the process. The good news is, many cities have programs for recycling your Christmas tree! Recycled trees can be composted or even shredded to make wood chippings.

There are two simple and convenient ways to recycle your Christmas tree in Champaign county this year:

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