Quiz: Which Ambassador Animal Are You?

If you have been following the Wildlife Medical Clinic for any period of
time, then you have seen how much we love all of our ambassador
animals, and you have probably fallen in love with them yourself!
These incredible animals help us by serving as liaisons between the wild
and you, highlighting their species adaptations and the conservation
efforts important to their survival. What you may not know is that they
all have very robust and definitive personalities that keep us on our toes
daily. There is never a dull moment working with the ambassadors, so
try your hand at this short quiz to see which of our animals you most
closely resemble! The results may surprise you.

  1. What is your go-to Friday night plan?
    1. Watching old TV shows with family
    2. Absolutely anything your friends are doing
    3. Going dancing
    4. Planting yourself on the couch and not moving
  2. Choose a favorite book!
    1. Moby Dick – Herman Melville
    2. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants – Ann Brashares
    3. Twilight – Stephenie Meyer
    4. Paper Towns – John Green
  3. How do you plan to spend your Christmas?
    1. Looking at Christmas lights and singing carols
    2. Gift exchange with a big group of friends
    3. A raging Christmas party, of course!
    4. Sleeping in and enjoying a relaxing morning with a cup of
  4. How would your friends describe you?
    1. Loyal
    2. Social Butterfly
    3. Preppy
    4. Nonchalant
  5. Pick a color.
    1. Brown
    2. Green
    3. Pink
    4. Blue
  6. It’s your best friend’s birthday. What do you get them?
    1. A very practical gift for an upcoming event
    2. A nice dinner with our best friends
    3. Tickets to a concert with me
    4. A snuggie
  7. You just joined a band. What instrument do you play?
    1. Drums
    2. Guitar
    3. Lead singer
    4. The triangle
  8. What is your love language?
    1. Acts of service
    2. Words of affirmation
    3. Gift giving
    4. Quality time
  9. You’re planning a trip around the world. Where do you go first?
    1. Berlin, Germany – for the history
    2. Sydney, Australia – for the beaches
    3. Barcelona, Spain – for the parties
    4. Kauai, Hawaii – for the relaxation
  10. Pick a Champaign, IL restaurant.
    1. Silvercreek
    2. Seven Saints
    3. Brother’s
    4. Destihl

What were your results?

  • Mostly A’s?
    • You’re most like Odin! Odin is our 22-year-old red-tailed hawk. If you chose mostly A, you are an old soul with a strong loyalty to the people who have taken the time to gain your trust. You can be irritable at times, but who doesn’t have those days? Your reputation precedes you in all of the best ways.
  • Mostly B’s?
    • You’re most like Hazel! Hazel is our eastern box turtle who came to us in 2017. Hazel is an incredibly social creature and loves all people! Always in the middle of the action, you could find the only person in the middle of a huge field and immediately become friends. You especially click with quieter individuals, just like Hazel has become best friends with Onslo, our blue-tongued skink!
  • Mostly C’s?
    • You’re most like Thistle! Thistle is our in-house diva, an American kestrel. Thistle is the epitome of a preppy cheerleader and LOVES being the center of attention! She has learned very well how to get her way and is not shy about what she wants. When you enter a room, everyone knows you’ve arrived!
  • Mostly D’s?
    • You’re most like Onslo! Onslo is our friend the blue-tongued skink. You and Onslo would get along great as you both are completely content to stay in and enjoy a nap as often as you’re able. While not many things can disturb you from your very important relaxation activities, the one thing that can is your best friend. Onslo is always ecstatic to see Hazel out and about, and would do anything for his friends, as would you!

Read more about your ambassador animal pals here!

By: Jamie Booth, CVM Class of 2023