Team Leader Interview

One of the most amazing resources in the Wildlife Medical Clinic are the dedicated veterinary and undergraduate students that help keep the clinic running. Veterinary students that volunteer in the clinic do so while concurrently taking rigorous classes and participating in a variety of other clubs. From early morning treatment shifts to late night pager calls, our students do it all!

Team Leader Greta Doden scrubbed into a surgery.

During the academic year, our volunteers are divided into teams. As patients arrive at the clinic, they are each assigned to a team’s care. Each team is made up of roughly 10-15 veterinary students and 1-2 undergraduate students. These teams are then tasked with the treatment of their individual patients.

At the forefront of these teams are the wonderful team leaders! Wildlife Teams have 3 veterinary students that have chosen to take on extra responsibility in addition to their regular volunteer duties. Team leaders are responsible directing their team in the treatment of their patients, teaching new members how to properly care for our wildlife patients, and continuing their education by attending team leader training. At team leader training, these students work closely with the WMC’s doctors to learn new techniques and hone their clinical skills.

We talked to four WMC team leaders to hear their thoughts on what makes their experiences at team leaders so valuable.