Critters Uncaged- Pigeons

This week on ciLiving, Dr. Reich brought in a rather unusual patient to us in the clinic- a domestic pigeon! The patient’s temperament and the presence of a zip-tie ‘band’ around one leg led us to believe that this pigeon had been released from either a racing, messaging or show-bird operation. Although they can be found ubiquitously in large numbers, pigeons, or rock doves, are actually an invasive species in the United States. Learn more about this patient, the keeping of domestic pigeons, and the history of their introduction to the United States in the video below!

Critter's Uncaged – Pigeons

Dr. Sarah Reich shares unique things about pigeons. @Wildlife Medical Clinic at Illinois #ciLiving #CrittersUncaged #InYourCommunity

Posted by on Thursday, November 15, 2018