Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Anatomic Pathology


[Addison's disease in a dog]These services include biopsy, immunohistochemistry, and special stains for diagnosing infectious, non-infectious, and neoplastic diseases. On -farm visits are also available. We also have a forensic pathology service.

  • Biopsy

    Includes H and E and up to two immunohistochemistries and or two special stains if needed.

    Necropsy, gross and histopathology only

    (No additional tests)

    Necropsy with diagnostic workup (up to two animals)

    The Necropsy with diagnostic workup is a generic package that allows the pathologist to choose the pertinent tests based on history, clinical signs, and gross findings. There is a limit of two animals as part of this workup and a limit on testing as described above.  Includes at the discretion of the pathologist:

    • Pathology — gross pathology, histopathology, and up to 2 immunhistochemistries and/or special stains.
      (Example: One silver stain on one block=ONE stain; one silver stain on two blocks=TWO stains)
    • Microbiology — up to 4 tests that can include aerobic and anaerobic cultures, serology, PCR and/or FA for suspected organisms, and mycology. Includes one antibiotic sensitivity. Antibiotic sensitivities are considered as separate tests.
    • Virology — up to 3 tests that can include virus isolation, serology, PCR and/or FA for suspected organisms
      (Example: PCR for PRRS on two tissues = TWO PCR tests.)
    • Parasitology — one test
      Note: All additional tests will be charged as indiated on the current fee schedule. Prices subject to change.

    Additional animals may be submitted at an additional charge for gross and histopathology only.

    • Necropsy, CNS, (removal of spinal cord) – Additional charge
    • Necropsy, cosmetic (companion animals only) – Additional charge
      (Cases where the owner wants the carcass back.)
    • Necropsy in a box with workup (up to two animals)
      Includes all testing as described above for “Necropsy with diagnostic work-up.”
    • Necropsy, poultry and game birds with workup (up to four birds)
      Includes all testing as described above for “Necropsy with diagnostic work-up.”

    EMERGENCY NECROPSY (after hours or weekends) – Additional charge

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