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This course will provide up-to-date information on common and not-so-common parasitic infections, including cestodes, coccidian, equine and swine nematodes, and equine protozoal. Modules feature in-depth overviews of parasite characteristics, hosts, distribution, epidemiology, pathology and pathogenicity. Diagnosis, treatment, and control for each class of parasites are also discussed and demonstrated. All modules are available to veterinarians and licensed, certified, or registered veterinary technicians.


Allan J. Paul
Professor, Veterinary Pathobiology; Associate Dean for Public Engagement;
Chair of Parasitology, Veterinary Pathobiology
DVM, Univ. of Illinois; MS, Univ. of Illinois


Course Modules CE Hours Fees
Cestodes 1 $40
Coccidia 1 $40
Control Measures for Equine 0.5 $70 for all three equine worth 1.75 hours
Equine Nematodes 1
Equine Protozoal 0.25
Swine Nematodes 0.5 $20
Dipteria Species 0.5 $20
Other Flagellates 0.5 free with any other parasitic module
Leishmania 0.5 $20
Small and Large Animal Flukes 1 $40
Trypanosoma Species 0.25 free with any other parasitic module
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of veterinary parasitology
  • Learn to identify symptoms of parasitic infections as well as their cellular characteristics
  • Learn latest treatment techniques as well as control measures for preventing future infections
  • Get the latest research findings on parasitic zoonoses