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This course is designed to cover basic concepts as well as to delve into the intricacies of radiographic diagnosis.

The student will gain an understanding and use of radiation safety practices in diagnostic imaging as well as give insight into other imaging modalities. Each aspect of making and interpreting radiographs from a physic/technique basis is covered. Students will be exposed to concepts and techniques in radiographic diagnosis related to small animal musculoskeletal disease, abdominal radiography, thoracic radiography, and spinal radiography. Specific anatomic discussion is included in each module and illustrated to help the participant 'see' the anatomic structure on the radiograph.

Module 1, Radiation: Concepts and History, and Module 2, Radiographic Image Production, are available to licensed, registered, or certified veterinary technicians.


Stephen Kneller
Professor Emeritus, Veterinary Clinical Medicine
DVM, Purdue Univ.; MS, Univ. of Georgia; Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Radiology



Course Modules CE Hours Fees
Radiation: Concepts and History 2 $70
Radiographic Image Production 2 $70
Musculoskeletal Radiology - Small Animal 3 $100
Abdominal Radiology 3 $100
Thoracic Radiology 3 $100
Spine Radiology 1.5 $50
All 6 modules for a reduced fee 14.5 $300
  • An easy to understand, comprehensive review of radiography and radiographic diagnosis
  • Color tinted images next to plain radiographs to help identify structures
  • Participants can follow the discussion to the depth level they desire