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This course is an intensive study of modern dentistry techniques for dogs and cats. Each module stresses the importance of a thorough working knowledge of canine and feline dental and paradental anatomy in the recognition and treatment of dental problems in dogs and cats. Clinical applications of anatomic information are utilized to reinforce important concepts. Specific topics feature dental pathology, radiology, extractions, and periodontal disease. All Modules are open to veterinarians; the following are open to licensed, registered, or certified veterinary technicians: Anatomy, Canine Dental Pathology, Feline Dental and Oral Pathology, Dental Radiology, and Periodontal Therapy.


Sandra Manfra Marretta
Professor, Veterinary Clinical Medicine
DVM, Cornell Univ.; Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons; Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College






Course Modules CE Hours Fees
Canine and Feline Dental and Paradental Anatomy 3 $80
Extraction Techniques and Complications 3 $80
Veterinary Dental Radiography 3 $80
Canine Dental and Oral Pathology 3 $80
Feline Dental and Oral Pathology 3 $80
Periodontal Disease and Treatment Options 3 $80
Oral and Dental Trauma 3 $80
Recognition and Management of Oral Tumors 3 $80
8 modules for a reduced fee 24 $510
  • Gain a thorough working knowledge of canine and feline dental and paradental anatomy
  • Thorough understanding of commonly occurring canine dental pathologic conditions
  • Proper radiology techniques and their use in diagnosis of dental diseases in dogs and cats
  • Learn perioperative pain management and state-of-the-art veterinary dental equipment for performing extractions efficiently
  • Identify various stages of periodontal disease and the various treatment options