William J. Tranquilli

Professor Emeritus, Veterinary Clinical Medicine


DVM, Univ. of Illinois; MS, Univ. of Illinois; Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Anesthesiology

Professional Interests:

Research interests include use of opioids, alpha2 agonists, and NSAIDs for pain control in the perioperative period; effects of alpha2 agonists on cardiopulmonary function in veterinary patients; pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic interactions among analgesic agents in various species.

Selected Publications:

Pain Management for the Small Animal Practitioner. W.J. Tranquilli, K. A. Grimm, L.A. Lamont. Teton New Media , 2000.

Euthanasia, 3rd ed., Lumb and Jones, p. 862-883, 1996.

Pharmacology of Preanesthetics and Anesthetic Adjuncts, 3rd ed., Lumb and Jones, p. 182- 209, 1996.

Pharmacology of Injectable Anesthetics, 3rd ed., Lumb and Jones, p. 209-241, 1996.