Students Share Insights

Jan 17, 2018 / In the News

Bovine Veterinarian (Jan. 16) – Fourth-year Illinois veterinary student Josina Kasper, in response to a prompt for the magazine’s Student Forum, said: “Something I have learned over the past month that is most practical/profound: Take control of every situation and be confident in what you do because you know more than you think you do.”


Bovine Veterinarian (Jan. 18) – Third-year veterinary student Seely Sayre shared this: “The most practical thing that I have had the chance to learn in school in the last month was how to perform pregnancy diagnosis in ewes using an ultrasound. An ultrasound lab was held for my 3rd year class where we were able to perform transabdominal ultrasound on our school’s sheep flock. I will not only utilize this skill out in practice, but I can also apply these skills to transrectal ultrasound in cattle since the principle of reading an ultrasound image is the same across species.”