Science with Heart

#ScienceWithHeart encapsulates the Illinois Vet Med story. It means we are both caring and disciplined. It means we work to improve life for animals, people, and the planet by pursuing data-driven actions.

[Student volunteers prepare feral cats for sterilization surgery]
[Dr. Kathleen Colegrove helps with an assessment of a Gulf of Mexico dolphin]
horse in mud
Dr. Erin Stein with dog
[Prof. Joseph Martocchio and his dog Mazzy]
[Betty and K.T. Wright pose with Suzanna Storms]
Dr. Megan Mahoney and Katherine Hatcher

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Our college has adopted the phrase “Science with Heart” to illustrate the rigor and the caring that characterizes veterinary medicine and its beneficial impact on our world.

“Science with heart” happens at a personal level when an animal patient is made well and restored to its human family or wild habitat, or when an aspiring student gains confidence in her skills and knowledge through the guidance of an instructor.

Personal Impact:

It also happens on a global scale, through discoveries that will bring healing to hundreds of lives, and through authoritative information about animal health freely available through online education.

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[orange and blue beating heart]

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Global Impact:

“Science with heart” means we are data-driven and analytical, disciplined and strategic, at the same time we are caring and are choosing efforts that will improve life on earth, for animals, people, and the planet.

“Science with heart” happens in every corner of our hospital and clinics, classrooms, and laboratories.

We encourage you to help us spread the word! Use #ScienceWithHeart when you share information on Twitter or Instagram that relates to the people, programs, and innovations you encounter through our college.