Reliving Carefree Days at Vet Prom

Feb 21, 2017 / Student Blogs

Vet Prom

Upon entering veterinary school, I kept hearing how it feels like you are going back to high school. You have lockers, see the same people every day, and even take the same classes. There are also points in time when cliques begin to form. However, I was not fully prepared to be submerged into a high school type of environment. Granted, veterinary school is much different than high school. However, there are some similarities. One big one is prom.

Now, at 22, I never would have believed I would go to another prom in my life. When that day came though, I was 16 again. I got my nails done and saw other people from my class doing the same. Dresses and shoes were picked out, hair was done, and pictures were taken. This was a full-on prom.

Vet PromAfter spending time prepping (which has dramatically decreased since high school), friends got together beforehand and took pictures together. It was relaxed and nice to go back to a simpler time. I have to say it was also odd and I definitely felt too old as we Ubered to the Refinery in Champaign where prom was held. This was a major flashback for me, since the boyfriend I dragged along is the same one I had in high school. I was wondering just how high school-like this dance would be. Walking in, there were round tables, a photo booth, and a huge dance floor. People were dressed up in various attire, everything from shorter dresses to full blown ball gowns. There was one thing that set this dance apart from when I was 16, though—and that was the open bar. I’m sure this is what sold a lot of people on this whole prom thing, but it definitely helped it feel like a more adult environment.

For one night, we all got to go back in time to when life was more carefree and the worries most of us had were insignificant. After constant studying, this was an opportunity to take a break from it all and just enjoy the moment. I finally felt like I was in the present, being surrounded by good friends and plenty of appetizers. As the night went on, more and more people crowded the dance floor and the photo booth. Something was different from high school, though. People from different groups and classes actually talked to one another and enjoyed each other’s company. It was definitely a different environment, seeing everyone dressed up and relaxed as opposed to being in scrubs and completely stressed out. As weird as it was, I think this night was good for all of us. Apparently, you are never too old for prom.

Pictured above are first-year students Amber Summers, Carli McQuain, Christine Tran Hoang, Katie Thorson, Jen Tito, and Sarah Wright.

Jen Tito