Plants by Scientific Name

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Plants by Common Name
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(Acer rubrum) Maple, Red

Maple, Red


Usually reaches heights of up to 27 meters, but can exceptionally grow over 35. Leaves are long and wide with 3-5 lobes and a serrated margin.



(Aconitum columbianum) Monkshood



Blue or blue-violet flowers with black, triangular seeds. Plant stands 2-6 feet high. The lower leaves are palmately lobed, but smaller at top of plant.



(Aesculus glabra Willd.) Ohio Buckeye

Ohio Buckeye


A tree which reaches a maximum height of 50-70 feet with a rough bark which has disagreeable order. Leaf is made up of 5 rather large, leaf-like leaflets set, like the fingers or a hand, at the end of the leafstalk.
Blossoms: large clusters of pale yellowish-green blossoms appear at the ends of the branches. Usually seen in May after the leaves appear.
Fruit: a globular, spine-roughened capsule which contains 1-3 large glossy chocolate-colored nuts each with a large whitish scar.



(Aesculus hippocastanum) Horse Chestnut

Horse Chestnut


This tree grows up to 120 feet with a domed crown of branches and leaves. The leaves are very large and are composed of 5-7 leaflets, each of which is up to 4 inches long. The flowers are small with a small red spot. The fruit have a green spiky capsule that contains one nut like seed called a horse-chestnut.