Garden Information

Please do not handle or consume any parts of plants in the garden. In order to keep children and pets safe while in the garden, be sure they remain under strict adult supervision.

When a poisonous plant is consumed by a child or pet you should:

  1. Obtain a sample including all parts of the plant.
  2. Estimate the quantity eaten.
  3. Estimate frequency and duration of exposure, and time of onset and nature of clinical signs.
  4. Contact a physician or veterinarian immediately (see Resources).

NOTE: The toxic effects of plants vary with the health status, age, and species of the individual(s) affected. Time of year, humidity, growth conditions, and growth stage, among other factors, influence a plant’s toxicity.

*Some plants can be viewed only during certain times of the year because of their unique life cycles. In a few instances, listed plants are temporarily unavailable, but will be re-established in the near future.

Garden Map and Plant list pdf booklet