Poison Plant GardenThe University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine Poisonous Plant Garden is a student conceived and student run garden, which for over 20 years has served to educate present and future veterinarians, other students (elementary to college), and the general public regarding the appearance and potential toxicity of common poisonous plants.  Located on the northwest corner of the College of Veterinary Medicine campus (just off St. Mary’s Road), from early summer until early Fall the garden provides an educational laboratory where individuals can observe inherently poisonous plants as they first appear and then mature throughout the growing season. The garden helps individuals become familiar with plants that are potentially hazardous to a range of animal species including human beings and includes over ninety species of plants native to Illinois or commonly used as ornamentals or house plants. Many of the plants are native and common to central Illinois, while others less likely to appear in this area are included for their importance as toxic plant species. Self-guided tours are available through the use of brochures, or alternatively, guided tours for groups or students can be scheduled through prior arrangement.