About The Garden

The garden exists primarily to educate our professional veterinary students so that they will be knowledgeable regarding toxic plant identification and better able to clinically manage potential plant poisonings in animals. However, through pre-arranged tours we are happy to also accommodate other student or public groups who desire more knowledge in this area.

The garden is managed by 1-2 students selected yearly for a 2 year period (2-3 total students) of service and a college faculty advisor. These students provide all of the planning and labor required for yearly spring plantings and garden renovation, management through the summer, and then final Fall cleanup and transfer of many plants to the university greenhouses for overwintering. Over the years, those student curators’ energy, dedication and enthusiasm have been the hallmark and primary force behind the garden’s success and service to students and the general public. Those students are listed below.


Founding Student Curator: Paula Bratich
Senior Student Curators:

1992-1993  Wendy Grethen 2007-2008 Richard Hill
1993-1994 David Curbo 2008-2009 Kelly Spence
1994-1995 George Langan 2009-2010 Paul Meade
1995-1996 Bryan McGoldrick 2010-2011 Lisa Sebree
1996-1997 Michael Sanborn 2011-2012 Jason Kennell
1997-1998 Kim Carlson 2011-2012 Lindsey Preston
1998-1999 Jamie Kenyon 2012-2013 Anna Stobnicki
2000-2001 Maria Cotner 2013-2014 Anne Strong
2001-2002 Rob Swinger 2014-2015 Lynsee Melchi
2002-2003 Rebecca Dieter 2015-2016 Laura Reynolds
2003-2004 Marianne Krumdick 2016-2017 Kassie Deal
2004-2005 Jill Horton 2017-2018 Shira Parks
2005-2006 Edward Holub 2018-2019 Jake Smiley
2006-2007 Ashley Elzerman