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Avoid Holiday Hazards for Pets

Dec 23, 2014 / Emergency/Critical Care / Cats / Dogs

The holidays are a potentially dangerous time of the year for pets. Dr. Tina Wismer, an adjunct instructor at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in Urbana, is also a veterinarian at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. She says the call volume there increases by about 10 percent during the holidays. The...

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Natural Disasters: Plan Ahead for Animals’ Safety

Nov 22, 2014 / Emergency/Critical Care / Preventive Health / Cats / Dogs / Exotics / Farm Animals / Horses / Small Mammals

Natural disasters can strike at any time, so it is essential to have a plan in place to be ready. According to Dr. Yvette Johnson-Walker, a veterinarian and epidemiologist at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in Urbana, emergency preparedness plans should cover the animals as well as the people in a home....

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Heat Stroke Is Deadly to Dogs

Jul 27, 2014 / Emergency/Critical Care / Dogs

On hot days, and even on warm days, pets should never be left in a car. Illinois may be having an unusually cool summer this year, but that does not mean pet owners can dismiss summertime heat risks for pets. Dr. Maureen McMichael, a veterinarian who specializes in emergency medicine and critical care at the...

Dutchess: The Story of a Resilient Cat

Aug 19, 2013 / Emergency/Critical Care / Cats

Many veterinary students, doctors, and staff at the hospital helped care for her and hundreds of donors  helped cover the costs of her care. Dutchess was a six-month-old kitten when a fire destroyed her owners’ home in Saybrook, Ill., in September 2012. A firefighter found Dutchess hiding under the couch and pulled her out of...