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Welcome to the University of Illinois reproductive biology program. We are a large, internationally recognized group of faculty whose work focuses on various aspects of reproductive biology, early embryonic development and endocrine physiology. Our laboratories investigate basic molecular and cellular mechanisms as well as carry out translational studies using whole animal and in vitro models. We are quite diverse in our research interests and are located in various departments on the campus of the University of Illinois. Many of the faculty are also members of thematic programs on campus such as the NIH Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Training Grant, the Division of Neurosciences and the Division of Nutritional Sciences. Our program has a weekly seminar series that includes a number of invited outside speakers as well as presentations from faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. We have a strong emphasis on providing a high quality training environment and welcome inquiries from potential graduate students and postdocs. Please contact Dr. Romana Nowak at for further information about potential opportunities here at the University of Illinois.

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Sure Tox Program
Drs. Jodi Flaws and Romana Nowak recently received a R25 grant from NIEHS to train underrepresented minority undergraduates in toxicology. We would appreciate it if you could let undergraduate students know about the program - deadline is February 1, 2017! Sure Tox website & application form