Dec 11, 2014 / Diagnostic Updates

The VDL is now offering a real time reverse transcription assay (rRT-PCR) for the detection of the membrane (M) gene of porcine delta coronavirus (PDCoV). The virus has been detected since February 2014 in Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois; however, the true prevalence of PDCoV in the U.S. is unknown. Complete genome sequencing performed on 8 U.S. identified PDCoV determined that the U.S. strains have ~ 99.9 to 100% nucleotide similarity with each other and 98.9 to 100% with the Chinese HKU strains. This suggests that the U.S. and Chinese strains originated from a common ancestor [EID (2014) 20:1347]. Samples for submission may include: fecal swabs, oral fluids, grossly affected intestines, intestinal contents and environmental samples. The assay is available daily at a cost of $37 per sample. Same-day results will be available for samples that are submitted before 12 noon. This complements our other swine enterovirus disease assays that include: PEDV, TGEV and rotavirus.