Job Opportunity: Veterinary Internship, Califon, NJ

Aug 30, 2019 / Alumni Job Board

Running ‘S’ Equine Veterinary Services – Internship

Type of Practice: We are a full service, client oriented, exclusively equine hospital and ambulatory practice in rural Hunterdon County, NJ.

Veterinarians: Gregory S. Staller, DVM., Diplomate, ACVS; Nicole C. Jochec, DVM; Travis M. Bowers, DVM

Facilities: Our hospital facility is recently constructed and is located on ten acres. The building includes a surgical suite with two padded induction and recovery stalls, a large clinical treatment hall, a radiology room with digital radiography and a high frequency 650MA, 150KVP radiology machine, an eight stall barn and turn out paddocks. We offer digital ultrasound with color flow doppler, digital radiology, extracorporal shockwave treatment, endoscopy, gastroscopy, LASER therapy, as well as in-house hematology, clinical chemistry and basic microbiology capabilities.

Mission Statement:

  1. To provide the most modern, service-oriented equine veterinary medicine and surgery of the highest quality.
  2. To offer referral and consultation services in surgery, sports medicine, advanced diagnostic techniques, medicine, reproduction, and ophthalmology to other area veterinarians practicing on horses.
  3. To provide such professional expertise, equipment and facilities as will allow the accomplishment of the above-stated goals.
  4. To provide for the continued enjoyment in practicing high-quality equine veterinary medicine for myself and associates by staffing and equipping the practice for efficient, cost-effective, modern, safe and complete service.
  5. To construct and manage the practice for high profitability and high practice satisfaction, superlative reputation.

Case Load: The ambulatory practice services approximately 3,000 horses. In-patients are seen on a daily basis by a board certified surgeon. In addition, the modern hospital houses up to 8 in-house patients at a time. The practice provides emergency referral service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The work load varies by the time of the year and day of the week. The case load is rising and is expected to continue to increase as we expand our referral hospital services.

Philosophy of Internship: To provide a high quality practice experience in equine medicine and surgery that will prepare the intern for private practice or medicine and surgery residencies.

Internship Duties in Practice: The intern is responsible for the assessment and treatment of hospitalized patients (including such things as bandage changes, radiographs, catheter placement and maintenance, nasogastric tubing, and other basic procedures), assisting with medical and surgical cases and emergencies, performing anesthesia, maintenance of medical records, submission and coordination of laboratory work, involvement in case rounds, completion of a log record, and other routine daily care of patients under the supervision of an ACVS and an ACVIM Diplomate. Additionally, the intern will accompany mentor(s) on ambulatory calls to assist and gain experience with high quality performance horse practice.

The intern’s primary responsibility will always be to in-clinic patients and in-clinic emergencies. The amount of time the intern spends doing ambulatory calls versus time in the clinic will be determined on a day-to-day or week-by-week basis. This clinic is not broken down into departments, and thus the internship will not be organized in that fashion.

The intern will be required to spend a certain amount of time performing different tasks toward the goal of obtaining clinical competency in defined areas of veterinary medicine. These areas will include surgery (total: 20%; approximately 50% as assistant surgeon and 50% as anesthetist), medicine (30%), lameness (20%), and other areas of general practice, which will include reproduction, podiatry, dentistry, and general ambulatory practice (20%). This will be recorded in an intern log and assessed at regular increments during the internship (i.e. quarterly reviews). The goal of our general practice internship will be for the intern to obtain competence and confidence in performing some of, but not limited to, the following procedures: colic evaluation, laceration assessment, choke evaluation, rectal examination (for evaluation of gastrointestinal and reproductive structures), respiratory evaluation, neurologic examination, prepurchase examination, basic lameness examination and joint blocks, basic ultrasound of the limbs, thorax and abdomen, radiographs of the limbs, neck and skull, and fundamental cytology.

Finally, the intern will have on-call duties which incorporate both ambulatory and in-clinic responsibilities.

Supervision: Direct supervision will be provided initially and will decrease according to skill and proficiency of clinical skills acquired during the internship. During the internship the intern will have a mid-internship evaluation and exit-interview, as well as quarterly reviews to assess the completion of above mentioned goals.

Prerequisites For Application: Applicants must have a DVM or VMD degree from an accredited college of veterinary medicine. Equine experience and a demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in equine veterinary medicine are a must. Applicants must have, or be eligible to obtain, a veterinary license in New Jersey. Please submit a letter of intent, curriculum vitae and three letters of reference to Amy Gregonis, or mail to 118 Fairmount Road West, Califon, NJ 07830.

Employee Benefits: Competitive salary, health insurance, disability insurance, professional liability insurance, one week vacation and one continuing education meeting. Practice vehicle and equipment will be supplied when needed. Housing stipend is available.

Employee Contracts: Required

Term of Employment: One year contract, June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021. Progression to full associate status in subsequent year is a definite possibility for suitable individual.

Contact Amy Gregonis at 908-832-5484 or see our website for more information.

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