Job Opportunity: Veterinarian, Southwestern IA

Aug 12, 2019 / Alumni Job Board

Veterinary Position

Location: Southern Hills Veterinary Services Inc.

Southern Hills Veterinary Services Inc., with offices in Corning, Creston, Red Oak and Villisca, Iowa has a position available for a practicing Veterinarian. We are advertising the position as “mixed animal”. At this time our greatest need is for a person wanting to do at least 75% large animal. There could be a significant amount of equine work added to the position if they so desire. The position is flexible and would evolve to meet the person’s professional interest.

We are a 9 doctor practice (Dr. Scott Shuey, KSU 95, Dr. Krista Davies, ISU 1997, Dr Greg Weis, ISU 2002, Dr. Aimee Anderson, ISU 2004, Dr. Melissa James, KSU 2005, Dr. Kate Fridolph, Ill 2012, , Dr. Ryan Shuey ISU 2016, and Dr. Shannon McMillan, ILL 2019. We have 4 locations. Our main office is in Corning, Iowa (pop 1500) with additional offices in Creston (pop 8000), Red Oak (pop 7250), and Villisca (pop 1300). The person is free to live in any of these towns. Each doctor is generally assigned an assistant to work with them on most days. Our main office in Corning was built in 1997. Our Red Oak facility was built new in 2017 (8000 sq. ft). We will start construction on a new facility in Creston in March 2020. The Corning, Red Oak and Creston offices have both large and small animal handling facilities, including hospital pens for large animals and hydraulic chutes. Like most places we have an outstanding staff that has been with us a long period of time.

Our producers in Southwest, Iowa are primarily cow calf operations ranging in size from 10 to 1400 head. We are located approximately 1 hour from the Omaha and Des Moines metro areas. The area is rolling hills with a large number of outdoor activities available.

Our small animal portion of the business currently accounts for about 45% of our gross revenue. Both our large animal gross income has been growing unlike many other veterinary practices in rural areas. In 2018, our LA and SA gross income increased by 9% over the previous year. The small animal work ranges from routine vaccinations, neuters, spays etc. to doing pinning and plating of fractures and cruciate repairs on knees. We have in house blood chemistry machines in all our offices and two ultrasound machines. Our large animal work is comprehensive; ranging from processing calves to feedlot consultation. We have a growing number of horses that we do routine dental and reproductive work on as well.

You can view our practice on Facebook. Just search for Southern Hills Veterinary Services Iowa to view pictures of our facilities, employees and clients.

Thank-you for your time and consideration, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Shuey MS, DVM
Southern Hills Veterinary Services Inc.
1902 Quincy Street
Corning, Iowa 50841
(641) 322-3333 office
(712) 621-0087 cell

Southern Hills. Veterinary Services. Inc.
Compensation Package

  • Salary: Based upon experience.
  • Veterinary Truck: Veterinary truck and box included
  • Cell Phone: Cell phone with data plan provided.
  • Retirement: Simple IRA. SHVS matches up to 3% of gross contribution (available after 1 year of full time employment)
  • Medical: Health insurance provided. Set amount towards purchase of Health insurance in company plan (May be single or family)
  • Vacation: Two weeks/year starting (10 business days)
  • Dues: IVMA, AVMA plus one additional professional organization
  • Con. Education: $1000.00/year (May be combined with two years of desired. 3 days/year paid continuing education
  • Liability: Professional liability insurance paid
  • Life Insurance: Up to $500.00 year towards the purchase of either personal disability or life insurance of the persons choice.
  • Profit Sharing Participation in company profit sharing program
  • Other: Up to 3 days/year “service to profession” to serve on IVMA, AVMA boards, state fair, cattlemen’s etc.

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