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Tox course work

Course requirements for the Interdisciplinary Environmental Toxicology Program are flexible to accommodate the varied career goals of our students. Five courses are required:


Basic Toxicology- CB 449

Systems Toxicology- CB 554

Interdisciplinary Toxicology Seminar- CB 596

and two other toxicology courses. An example of some
course selections:

Ethics in Toxicology- CB552

Environmental Health- ENVS 469

Environmental Toxicology- ENVS 431

Endocrinology- CB 512

Pesticide Toxicology- CB 434

Toxicologic Pathology- PATH 548

Concepts in Pathology- CB 516

Reproductive & Developmental

Toxicology- CB 516

Genetic Toxicology

Neurotoxicology- CB 514

Analytical Methods in Toxicology

Pharmacalogy- CB 564

Comparative Disposition of Xenobiotics

Ecotoxicology in the Northern Hempisphere- CB 551


This is not an all inclusive list of course offered in Toxicology.


Please see the University of Illinois Academic Course Catalog for the current term, to locate courses which are currently offered:

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