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Featured Tox Scholars Alumni
Clint Allred
1999-2000; 2002-2003

Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Nutrition and Food Science at Texas A&M University

Dr. Allred's research focuses on the ability of diet to influence the development and progression of several forms of cancer. Another aspect studied in the laboratory is how dietary components may act as ligands of nuclear receptors in cancer cells. Recently, Dr. Allred's laboratory has demonstrated that individual fatty acids activate peroxisome-proliferator activated receptor gamma (PPARg) in colon cancer cells.


Dr. Allred is also interested in the role of estrogen receptor beta (ERb) in colon cancer development and growth. He is interested in elucidating whether ERb modulates the protective effects of estrogen in colon cells. Also, he is exploring the physiological actions of compounds in the diet that exhibit estrogen-like responses and exploring the ability of these compounds to function through the estrogen receptor.

Clinton Allred
Clint Allred, Ph.D.
FS&HN 2002

Avenel Joseph


Predoctoral Fellow in the Dept. of Veterinary Biosciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Avenel Joseph's doctoral dissertation is focused on postnatal development and male fertility. Specifically, she is investigating the role of the estrogen receptor in postnatal differentiation of the epididymis and its effects on sperm maturation and fertilizing ability.

Currently, Avenel is in the process of completing her Ph.D. research at the UIUC and has been afforded the opportunity to take part in a collaborative project between the lab of her advisor, Dr. Rex Hess, and Dr. Barry Shur's lab at Emory University. The collaboration was made possible by a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Individual Fellowship, which Avenel received while a Tox Scholar and supported by the UIUC's NIEHS Toxicology Training Grant.

Her future goal is to use her basic science background to better translate scientific discourse into accessible public information that can help raise public awareness on issues regarding environmental and reproductive health.

Avenel Joseph
Avenel Joseph
Dan Ness

Director of Research Toxicology at Elan Pharmaceuticals, San Francisco, Calif.

I joined Elan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in January 2007 as Director of Research Toxicology.  After completing DVM and PhD degrees (Toxicology) from UIUC-CVM, I held various scientific and leadership positions in the Safety Evaluation Departments of Eli Lilly and Company (1997-2007) and Abbott Laboratories (1993-1997).  The focus of my research in the pharmaceutical industry has been on the design of toxicology testing strategies for pre-marketed and marketed compounds and the communication of nonclinical data and risk assessment to global regulatory agencies.  I have studied drugs from multiple therapeutic classes but have had a particular focus on neuroscience.  All my work is currently centered on Alzheimer's disease therapeutics.
Dan Ness
Dan Ness, DVM, Ph.D.
Toxicology, 1993
Alex Rivera

BioDefense Supervisor for the Department of Homeland Security in San Antonio, TX

I graduated from the University of Illinois in 2004 under the guidance of Dr. Janice Bahr.  Immediately following commencement, I was hired by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) working with a new BioTerrorism Prevention team in Florida where I used my training in molecular biology to run basic molecular analyses. I was soon promoted and transferred to Texas, where I am now employed by The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a BioDefense Supervisor for containment laboratories.  The goal of my laboratories is to investigate and test for environmental toxins, select agents, and contaminants that are of concern to public health and emergency response. Our primary purpose is to detect and prevent acts of bioterrorism in the United States. The specifics of our duties are considered "sensitive" information. We use a variety of tools and tests in my laboratories with which I had not been previously experienced. The biodefense program allows us an opportunity to work with a variety of agencies, including The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), CDC, DHS, Los Alamos Laboratories, and public health laboratories across the country.
Alex Rivera
Alex Rivera, Ph.D.
Animal Sciences, 2004
Cindy Roegge

Staff Toxicologist in the Neurosciences Dept. at WIL Research Laboratories, LLC, Ashland, Ohio

I am currently a Staff Toxicologist in the Neurosciences Department at WIL Research Laboratories, LLC.  I joined WIL in 2006 following doctoral training at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and post-doctoral training at the Duke University Medical Center.  WIL Research Laboratories, LLC is an interdisciplinary contract research organization (CRO) providing product safety and toxicological assessment research and services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, agricultural, veterinary, food and consumer product industries.  Here at WIL, I serve as the study director on a number of studies conducted in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs) for submission to various worldwide regulatory agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  As a study director, I am responsible for the design, conduct, scientific interpretation of the data, and successful reporting of the studies.  Since WIL is a CRO conducting studies for other companies, communication with these companies is also an important aspect of the position.  In addition, I am involved in developing new testing capabilities at WIL in the field of neuroscience along with participating in the validation of these new test systems.   
Cindy Roegge
Cindy Roegge, Ph.D.
Neuroscience, 2005