Mother’s Day Matching!

With May being a month to celebrate the mothers of the world, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some interesting moms we see in the Wildlife Medical Clinic!  Many animals look entirely different when they are babies as compared to what they will look like when they are full grown.  Take this matching quiz to see how well you can identify each mom’s baby!  Let us know how you do on our Facebook page!


A                                                                1

B                                                                 2

C                                                                 3

D                                                                 4

E                                                                   5

F                                                                6


A) Raccoon baby matches with adult Raccoon (3).

B) Virginia Opossum baby matches with adult Virginia Opossum (6).

C) Great Horned Owl baby matches with adult Great Horned Owl (4).

D) Canada Goose babies matches with adult Canada Goose (1).

E) Coyote babies matches with adult Coyote (2).

F) Groundhog baby matches with adult Groundhog (5).

Written by Jamie Booth, class of 2023.