The Time is Now…Creating Inclusive Spaces Inside and Beyond the Clinic

Dr. Molina-Guzmán will facilitate a discussion on what it means to practice, lead, mentor, and educate in an increasingly diverse society. Given the critical and at times uncomfortable discussions our communities are currently engaged in around race and inequality, the time is now to have this conversation about what it means to be inclusive in your practice.

Using anecdotes and interactive activities, she will introduce attendees to the cognitive science of implicit/unconscious bias and how it shapes our own, our clients’, and our co-workers’ interactions and levels of satisfaction. We will then turn to specific actions and steps to make clinical practice, the mentoring of the next generation of veterinary doctors, and the teaching of veterinary medicine more diverse and inclusive. The time is now to join the calls for action and rise to the challenge of re-shaping veterinary medicine to meet the demands of our complex and diverse communities.

Sponsored by: Ethos Veterinary Health

Joseph DiPietro, DVM, MS

About Dr. Molina-Guzmán

Isabel Molina-Guzmán, PhD, MA, currently serves as the associate dean of diversity and inclusion for the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and faculty director of the Sloan University Center for Exemplary Mentoring for underrepresented graduate students in the STEM fields at UIUC. From 2016-2018 she served as the Graduate College’s associate dean of diversity, equity and inclusion. Dr. Molina-Guzmán is a trained facilitator in diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops ranging from the role of cognitive schemas in employee evaluations, to holistic admission practices, and inclusive mentoring. In 2017, she received the Larine Y. Cowan Make a Difference Award in teaching and mentoring given by the Vice Chancellor’s Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at UIUC. Molina-Guzmán serves as co-editor of the journal Feminist Media Studies, and is the author of more than two-dozen academic articles and two books, Latinas/Latinos on Television (2018) and Latina Bodies in the Media (2010). Her expertise on Latinas/Latinos, gender, race, ethnicity and communication has been featured at the 2016 White House Conference on Women and Girls of Color, The New York Times, and National Public Radio among other outlets.

Sharpening Your Point: Making Your Communication Stick

“What are you talking about?” How often do you think that when listening to a presentation or reading an email? How often do people think that when trying to understand you?

Organizations are awash in complexity. Often our communication contributes to that.

Complicated communication hurts decision-making and can make it difficult to influence others.

Sharpening Your Point provides tools and techniques to simplify your communication. This discussion is based on our “Five-Second Rule”. If a person can’t get your point within five seconds or less, it’s likely to be lost.

This presentation will help you communicate simply, clearly, and directly.

Sponsored by: VCA Animal Hospital

Sarah Probst Miller, DVM

About Mr. Kolar

Brad Kolar is an executive consultant, speaker, and author. Over the last 20 years, his vision has remained the same – to help leaders bring clarity, simplicity, and resolution to complex issues. He is dedicated to helping clients succeed. Challenging clients to rethink how they work, Brad brings a well-honed ability to clarify the problem constraining your success, and identify and change the assumptions that are holding you back.

His experience spans various industries including agriculture, healthcare, financial services, government, consumer products, and professional services. Brad holds a BA in Economics and an MA in Communication from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In addition, Brad holds an MS in Computer Science from Northwestern University. Brad has broad and deep knowledge across several disciplines including business, psychology, process improvement, human capital, and technology. Prior to founding Avail Advisors, Brad served as the Director of Learning and Performance Strategy for Accenture and as the Chief Learning Officer for The University of Chicago Medical center.