Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Ralph Hamor

Feb 1, 2014 / Practitioner Updates / Veterinary Clinical Medicine

[Veterinary ophthalmologist Ralph Hamor]Last summer marked the 20-year milestone for Dr. Ralph Hamor’s faculty role at the Illinois veterinary college. He has taught nearly 2,000 veterinary students about eyes, professionalism, and kindness. Through referrals, consultations, publications, and presentations, he has helped to educate thousands of practitioners.

What is your favorite thing about being a veterinary ophthalmologist?

Variety. I see small animal, exotic, and large animal patients, and I get to perform surgery as well as treat medical cases.

What is one thing you would like general practitioners to know about eyes?

A Schirmer tear test, fluorescein stain and tonometry can go a long way to correctly diagnosing many ophthalmology cases that are presented in practice.