Basic Toxicology

ENVS 480 (3 hrs.) Emphasis on physiology and biochemistry of intoxication; discusses the types of cellular response to toxic compounds and therapeutic agents. Same as CPSC 433, FSHN 480, and CB 549. See FSHN 480.

Systems Toxicology

CB 454 (3 hrs.) This course is designed to provide an overview of the effects of chemicals and their mechanisms of action in a variety of organ systems. Topics include toxicology of the nervous, developmental, reproductive, thyroid, renal, hepatic, immune, pulmonary, and gastrointestinal system.

Ethics in Toxicology

CB 552 (2 hrs.) Emphasis on ethical issues in the practice of toxicological research: collaboration, authorship and plagiarism, professional responsibility to subjects (both human and animal), whistle-blowing, codes of ethics, legal obligations. Featuring case studies.

Interdisciplinary Toxicology Seminar

ENVS 596 (1 hr. every semester) Topics will vary each semester. Seminars are presented by faculty, visiting lecturers, and students based upon their study, research, and/or professional activities in the selected topic area. Same as CB 596, and PATH 596. See PATH 596.


ENVS 516 Reprod & Developmental Toxicology (Same as CB 516)
ENVS 432 Genetic Toxicology (Same as CPSC 432)
ENVS 469 Environmental Health (Same as CHLH 469)
CB 562 Analytical Methods in Toxicology & Pharmacology
CB 551 Ecotoxicology in the Northern Hemisphere
CB 514 Neurotoxicology (Same as ENVS 514, and PSYC 515)
PATH 548 Toxicologic Pathology
PATH 550 Concepts in Pathology
IB 486 Pesticide Toxicology (Same as ENVS 433, and CB 534)
IB 485 Environmental Toxicology (Same as CHLH 461, CPSC 435, and ENVS 431.

You may learn more about each course through the University Course Catalog.