Clinical Pathology Faculty: Dr. Kimberly Pattullo

Dec 11, 2014 / Diagnostic Updates

Our newest faculty member in the clinical pathology group is Dr. Kimberly Pattullo from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She received her DVM in 2007 from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, and practiced small animal medicine in Lacombe, Alberta and Regina, Saskatchewan before returning to the long, cold winters of Saskatoon in...

PCR Assays for “Orphan Diseases”

Dec 11, 2014 / Diagnostic Updates

There are a number of “seldom seen” or “orphan diseases” that may be difficult to culture or identify once isolated. We have recently added polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays to specifically detect some of these organisms of high concern, including Brucella sp. and Francisella tularensis. Acceptable specimens include EDTA blood, used to detect DNA in...

Decalcification of Bone, Tooth, and Nail Samples

Dec 11, 2014 / Diagnostic Updates

Histopathology submissions of bone require decalcification before processing and preparing of slides for pathologists. Bone is placed into decalcification solution and then a chemical test is performed daily to determine if all calcium has been removed so that the sample can be processed and cut properly for the pathologist to read. This process could take...