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Marilyn Sue O'Hara

Professional Name: Marilyn O'Hara Ruiz
Clinical Associate Professor, Pathobiology
Director, GISSA - the Lab for Geographic Information Science and Spatial Epidemiology
College of Veterinary Medicine
2001 South Lincoln Avenue
2639 Vet Med Basic Sciences Bldg.
M/C 002
Urbana, IL  61802


  • PhD, University of Florida
  • MA, University of Illinois
  • BA, University of Illinois

Research Interests

  • How do processes measured at different temporal and spatial scale affect the behavior of ecological systems?
  • The spatial and contextual aspects of health and illness from a One Health perspective: combining human, animal, and ecosystem health.
  • Development of spatial visualizations, models and methods to develop risk maps and early warning systems for vector-borne disease transmission.
  • The effect of urban and regional policy decisions and structures on patterns of the built environment, vegetation and habitat potential and their relationship with public health outcomes.


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Professor O'Hara Ruiz applies the concepts and technique from spatial science to epidemiology and the problems of disease transmission in an ecological setting. She earned a PhD in Geography in 1994 from University of Florida, under the direction Professor Grant Thrall with an emphasis on Geographic Information Science, Medical Geography and Demography.  

show listCourses Taught

  • CHLH/GEOG/PATH 439 - Geographic Information Systems for Health Applications
  • CHLH/GEOG/PATH 560 - Spatial Epidemiology
  • PATH 642 - Geographic Information Systems for Health

show listSelected Publications

  • Ruiz, M.O. and D. Remmert. 2004. A Local Department of Public Health and the Geospatial Data Infrastructure. Journal of Medical Systems.28 (4): 385-395.
  • Ruiz, M.O., C. Tedesco, T. McTighe, and U. Kitron. 2004. Environmental and Social Determinants of Human Risk for West Nile Virus in the Chicago Region, 2002. 3:8 (April 20, 2004) International Journal of Health Geographics. 2004. On-line at
  • Reeder A.L., M.O. Ruiz, A. Pessier, L.E. Brown, J.M. Levengood, C.A. Phillips, M.B. Wheeler, R.E. Warner, and V.R. Beasley. 2005. Intersexuality and the Cricket Frog Decline: Historic and Geographic Trends Environ Health Perspect, 113(3): 261-65.
  • Ruiz, M.O. , E.D. Walker, E.S. Foster, L.D. Haramis, U.D. Kitron. 2007. Association of West Nile virus illness and urban landscapes in Chicago and Detroit. International Journal of Health Geographics. 6:10.
  • Wrobel, L, J.K. Whittington, C. Pujol, S-H. Oh, M.O. Ruiz, M.A. Pfaller, D.J. Diekema, D.R. Soll, L.L. Hoyer. 2008. Molecular phylogenetic analysis of a geographically and temporally matched collection of Candida albicans isolates from humans and non-migratory wildlife in Central Illinois. Eukaryotic Cell. 7 (9): 1475-1486.
  • Loss, S.R., M.O. Ruiz, J.D. Brawn. 2009. Relationships between avian diversity, neighborhood age, income, and environmental characteristics of an urban landscape. Biological Conservation. 142 (11): 2578-2585.
  • Ruiz, M.O., L.F. Chaves, G.L. Hamer, T. Sun, W.M. Brown, E.D. Walker, L. Haramis, T.L. Goldberg & U.D. Kitron. 2010. Local impact of temperature and precipitation on West Nile virus infection in Culex species mosquitoes in northeast Illinois, U.S.A. Parasites and Vectors. 2010, 3:19doi:10.1186/1756-3305-3-19
  • Tedesco, C., M. Ruiz, & S. McLafferty. 2010. Mosquito politics: Local vector control policies and the spread of West Nile Virus in the Chicago region. Health and Place. doi:10.1016/j.healthplace.2010.08.003.
  • Kelly, A., Mateus-Pinilla, N, Douglas, M, Douglas, M, Brown, W, Ruiz, M. O., Killefer, J, Shelton, P, Beissel, T, Novakofski, J. 2010. Utilizing disease surveillance to examine gene flow and dispersal in white-tailed deer. J of Applied Ecology. In press

show listCurrent Projects

  • M. Ruiz, Co-PI, Eco-epidemiology of Disease Emergence in Urban Areas II, Subaward from University of Wisconsin, Funding from the NSF/NIH Ecology of Infectious Disease program, 9/1/2008-8/31/2012.
  • Braden, P.I. and M. Ruiz, Co-PI. Estimating the Effects of Brownfields Redevelopment on Property Values and Public Health Outcomes. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research and Technical Assistance Project. 4/2009 - 5/2013
  • N. Mateus-Pinilla, P.I., M. Ruiz and J. Novakofski, Co-PI. Temporal changes in site-specific population structure and CWD prevalence in IL CWD endemic areas. U.S. Geological Survey. 10/1/2008-10/1/2011
  • Johnson, D. P.I. M. Ruiz, Co-PI. Ecosystem characteristics, human-bat conflicts and bat rabies in Illinois. Illinois Center for One Medicine, One Health, Capstone Project Funding. 3/1/2010 - 8/31/2011
  • GIS support for the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District. Ongoing.
  • One Medicine - One Health: a combined human and animal disease surveillance system. For the Center for One Health - Illinois.
  • Health Map Online. An online source for local health information.

show listOther Campus Affiliations

  • Affiliate in the Department of Geography and Geographic Information Science, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

  • Member of the faculty of the Program in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

  • Affiliate in Computational Science and Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL