Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Specialty Services

Each specialty service at the hospital is staffed by highly trained veterinarians and certified veterinary technicians (CVTs). Usually, clients are referred to a specialty service by their primary veterinarian. If a veterinarian referred you to our hospital, he or she will be kept informed about your animal’s condition and treatment to help ensure consistent future care.

Specialty Service Areas

  • acupunctureOur top priority is your animal’s well-being and comfort.

    Any time your animal undergoes a test or procedure that requires anesthesia, we gather comprehensive data in advance to develop an individualized anesthetic plan specifically for your animal. We vigilantly monitor your animal’s vital signs before, during, and after anesthesia, and we deliver pain-relieving medications as needed.

    We also provide a range of pain management options for animals recovering from surgery or experiencing acute or chronic pain.

    Our Veterinarians

    Graeme Doodnaught B.Sc. (Hons.), BVM&S, M.Sc., DES, MRCVS, DACVAA
    Stephanie Keating, DVM, DVSc, DACVAA
    Ashley Mitek, DVM, MS, DACVAA
    Danielle Strahl-Heldreth, MSEd, DVM, MSVMS, DACVAA

    Aurelien Balleydier, DVM, Resident
    James Cryer, DVM, Resident
    Teodora Hristova, DVM, Resident

    Additional Anesthesia Staff
    Jacob Bough, CVT
    Grace Chaffin, CVT
    Tracy Clayton, CVT
    Caitlyn Cordell, CVT
    Zandra Davis, CVT
    Justin Lancaster, CVT, VTS (Anesthesia & Analgesia)
    Brittany O’Linc, CVT
    Kim Potempa, CVT
    Elizabeth Rappleyea, CVT
    Jessica Risley, CVT, VTS (Anesthesia & Analgesia)
    Ashley Wetzel, CVT
    Darci Winkler, CVT

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  • Thank you to Dr. Ryan Fries and his staff in the cardiology department for taking the time to confirm Bamboo’s diagnosis, which sadly is HCM. We are glad to at least have a better understanding of what is truly wrong with him. The staff was incredibly patient with him. We look forward to doing his future visits with you. Your program is wonderful.

    Ashley B.

    Drs. Kadotani and Fries Exam a dog

    Our hospital offers interventional cardiology procedures for animals and provides diagnosis and treatment of heart failure, heart murmurs, arrhythmia, hypertension, valvular heart disease, cardiomyopathies, congenital heart disease, and other cardiovascular diseases.


    • Cardiac ultrasound (echocardiogram including Color Flow Doppler) for non-invasive examination of the heart structure and function
    • ECG for examination of electrical activity of the heart
    • Holter and event monitoring for long-term evaluation of the heart rhythm in the home environment
    • Radiographs to examine the size and shape of the heart and lungs
    • Pacemaker implantation
    • Interventional procedures (PDA, balloon valvuloplasty, diagnostic angiography, intrahepatic shunt, vascular anomalies)

    Our Veterinarians
    Ryan Fries, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)
    Saki Kadotani, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Cardiology)

    Lindsey Humphries, DVM, MSc, Resident
    Leah Kruckman, DVM, Resident
    Gabrielle Wallace, DVM, Resident

    Additional Cardiology Clinic Staff
    Katie McConnell, CVT, VTS (Cardiology)
    Candice Simpson, CVT

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  • Dr. Somrak

    Thanks to the dentistry and anesthesia departments! Zeke is feeling terrific after his root canal. I appreciated your attention to detail, including updates for me and great customer service.

    Amy W.

    Our dentistry service diagnoses and treats both simple and complicated dental and oral diseases. While we primarily see dogs and cats, we’re also trained and equipped for larger animals and exotics like chinchillas and ferrets. Dentistry services are available with or without a referral from your primary veterinarian.

    In dogs and cats, periodontal disease (gum disease) is the number one diagnosed problem. By the age of just two, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of periodontal disease, and gum diseases lead to other problems throughout the body. For this reason, it’s very important for animals to have their teeth examined and cleaned.


    • Dental prophylaxis (teeth cleaning)
    • Routine and advanced periodontal therapies
    • Extractions, including closed, multi-rooted, and complicated surgical extractions
    • Management for fractured or worn teeth (e.g., root canal, crowns)
    • Jaw fracture repair (No longer available as of 5/27/2021)
    • Management of severe stomatitis
    • Management of unusual oral lesions, including myositis, osteomyelitis, bone sequestra, dentigerous cysts, dental caries, malocclusions, oronasal fistulas, and TMJ Disorders
    • Oral tumor identification and treatment planning

    Special Capabilities

    • Digital radiography
    • High-speed fiberoptic dental unit
    • LightSpeed endodonic technology
    • Osteoallograft, bone grafting for bone loss secondary to periodontal disease

    Our Veterinarians
    Amy Somrak, MBA, DVM, DAVDC

    Mallory Kanwal, DVM, Resident

    Additional Dentistry Clinical Staff
    Misty Croy, CVT

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  • [ear exam with Dr. Sousa]

    After [Shadow’s] ear surgery he’s coming along wonderful again.

    Betty E.

    Does your pet shake his or her head? Have a head tilt? Stinky ears? Skin conditions are often the result of your animal’s body reacting to environmental and internal stimuli and may be caused by many different things. That’s why it’s important to see a board-certified specialist in veterinary dermatology to formulate a plan to help your animal. It’s better to treat the underlying disease now rather than wait till the symptoms turn into a serious disease with a poor or costly prognosis.


    We treat a wide range of dermatological issues. Common conditions include diseases such as:

    • Allergic skin
    • Blistering skin
    • Ear
    • Nail and nail bed
    • Hormonal
    • Immune-mediated
    • Thyroid
    • Parasitic skin

    Other skin issues we treat include:

    • Pruritus (itching, chewing)
    • Excessive skin scaling or crusting
    • Hair loss, alopecia
    • Seborrhea (greasy skin)
    • Skin cancers
    • Bacterial skin infections
    • Fungal and yeast skin infections

    Special Capabilities

    • Cryosurgery for treatment of small skin tumors
    • Customized subcutaneous and sublingual allergen-specific immunotherapy
    • Dermatoscopy to evaluate skin lesions
    • Intradermal testing to better define environmental allergies
    • Laser surgery to treat skin cancer and chronic skin alterations
    • Team approach with pathologists in diagnoses requiring interpretation of skin biopsies
    • Video-otoscopy to evaluate and treat ear diseases including laser therapy

    Our Veterinarians
    Clarissa Souza, DVM, MSc, PhD, DACVD

    Jennifer Clegg, DVM, Intern

    Additional Dermatology Clinical Staff

    Miriah Lareau, CVT
    Abbie Peterson, CVT

    Learn more about dermatology appointments.

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  • [Dr. Annette McCoy, equine surgeon]

    I felt their surgeons were extraordinary. … I showed [Blondie] last year and we won almost all the classes I had her in.

    Sandy B.

    We care for pleasure horses, race horses, breeding horses, and more. We have two climate-controlled equine wards, two equine surgery suites with state-of-the art equipment and padded recovery rooms, and the only 3-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system for horses in the state.

    Our service is staffed by specialized veterinarians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for emergencies and by appointment for all other services, including annual wellness exams and vaccinations.

    Additionally, if your horse needs the expertise of a specialist in cardiology, dentistry, dermatology, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, anesthesiology, or imaging, our equine veterinarians can quickly and easily consult with one of our board-certified specialists.


    • Lameness and lameness locator system
    • High-speed treadmill examinations
    • Minimally invasive and laser surgery
    • Digital radiology, ultrasound, nuclear imaging, computed tomography,and high-field MRI
    • Reproductive surgery
    • Therapeutic shoeing
    • Mare and stallion fertility evaluation
    • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy
    • Traditional videoendoscopy
    • Overground videoendoscopy

    Special Interests

    • Arthroscopy
    • Colic
    • Critical care
    • Emergency medicine and surgery
    • Exercise physiology
    • Forensic detection of drugs
    • Infectious disease
    • Lameness diagnosis and treatment
    • Fracture repair
    • Neonatal medicine
    • Neurological disease
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Poor performance
    • Respiratory disease
    • Upper-airway surgery

    Special Capabilities

    • 24-hour emergency medicine and surgery care
    • 24-hour equine adult and foal critical care
    • Pulmonary function testing
    • Acupuncture
    • Over ground endoscopy
    • Biologic therapies for orthopedic applications
    • Minimally invasive coil embolization for guttural pouch mycosis
    • Transvenous electrical cardioversion for atrial fibrillation

    Our Veterinarians
    Scott Austin, DVM, MS, DACVIM-LAIM
    Jonathan Foreman, DVM, MS, DACVIM-LAIM
    Santiago Gutierrez-Nibeyro, DVM, MS, DACVS-LA, DACVSMR
    Ann Kemper, DVM
    Jordan Kirkpatrick, DVM, DACVS-LA
    Lori Madsen, DVM
    Annette McCoy, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVS-LA
    Matthew Stewart, BVSc, MVetClinStud, PhD, FACVSc-LA (Equine Surgery), DACVSMR-Equine
    Pamela Wilkins, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVIM-LA, DACVECC

    Rebecca Bishop, DVM, Resident
    Pedro Raigosa Gomez, MVZ, Resident
    Alessandro Migliorisi, DVM, Resident
    Kathryn Slaughter-Mehfoud, DVM, Resident
    Kaitlyn Jonk, DVM, Intern
    Elizabeth Moyer, DVM, Surgical Intern
    Adrienne Rhodes, DVM, Intern
    Ruth Stewart, BVMS, Intern

    Additional Equine Clinical Staff

    Brittany Biehl, CVT
    Chelsea Foil, CVT
    Ashley Jiles, CVT
    Celeste Kappes, CVT
    Merinda Venatta, CVT

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  • Dr. Welle

    Can’t say enough good about Dr. Ken Welle in the exotics department. He is by far the best and most skilled avian vet in the Midwest! Recently he identified an infection that my lovebird Elliott had and successfully treated it…. His ability to do blood draws on small birds with almost no stress is amazing.

    Betsy C.

    Our exotic/zoological medicine service provides care for lizards, parrots, hedgehogs, and just about any amphibians, reptiles, birds, and small exotic mammals.

    Beyond our general care service for exotic animals, our hospital offers surgery, ophthalmology, and many other specialty areas to improve the overall health of these pets. Our veterinarians will get to know you and your animal and work with you to maintain a healthy life for your animal.


    • 24-hour emergency care
    • Wellness examinations and vaccinations
    • Nutrition consulting
    • Complete diagnostics and comprehensive medicine
    • Reproductive procedures (sexing, spay/neuter, egg-binding) and other soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries
    • Husbandry consultations

    We are looking forward to serving you in our new location at Veterinary Medicine South Clinic.
    Phone Number: 217-244-2555
    New address: 2100 S Goodwin Ave, Urbana, IL 61801
    We moved just across Hazelwood Avenue to the south of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

    Our Veterinarians

    Krista Keller, DVM, DACZM
    Samantha Sander, DVM, DACZM
    William Sander, DVM, MPH, DACVPM
    Kenneth Welle, DVM, ABVP (Avian)

    Anthony Cerreta, DVM, Resident
    Joanna Webb, DVM, Resident
    Kelsey Trumpp, DVM, Intern

    Additional Exotics Staff

    Kim Byrne, CVT
    Veronica Millsap, CVT
    Jenny Trail, CVT

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  • farrierAll aspects of equine hoof care, including advanced therapeutic shoeing, are offered. Professional farrier services are offered at the hospital on Wednesdays; we visit horses primarily at farms/stables throughout west-central Indiana and east-central Illinois on other days.


    • Trimming
    • Shoeing
    • Therapeutic trimming with veterinarian
    • Horse owner hoof care clinics

    Download a copy of our price list for professional services.

    Trimming and shoeing performed by Midwest Horseshoeing School students, and inspected by an AFA-certified farrier, are available at the hospital on Fridays at discounted rates.

    Our Farriers
    Mitch Gardner
    Steve Sermersheim, CJF TE, AWCF

    Read more about our farrier services 

  • Dr. Lowe

    Dr. Austin came out and explained my horse’s condition, “sweet itch,” which I had suspected with a realistic but sad prognosis. Came within a day of me calling and my horse was treated with vast improvement within 24 hours.

    Betty U.

    Our team consists of faculty veterinarians, residents, and veterinary technicians along with our veterinary students. We offer in-house, on-farm, and emergency care for livestock, including cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, camelids, and cervids.

    Services at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital

    Primary (routine) care. Working in our climate-controlled facility, our team members perform routine procedures such as pregnancy diagnosis, breeding soundness evaluation, vaccination, deworming, castration, and hoof trimming for all livestock species. The facility is designed for low-stress cattle handling and is equipped with a hydraulic squeeze chute and hydraulic tilt table.

    Specialty care. Specialists are available to deal with challenging medical and surgical problems. Imaging modalities, including ultrasound, digital radiography, computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), are available on site for our specialists. We utilize the services of the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory for clinical pathology (e.g., blood counts, serum chemistry), microbiology, virology, and immunology tests to aid in the diagnosis of challenging cases. Animals with serious medical and surgical issues can be housed in our facility for intensive 24-hour care.

    Reproduction. Pregnancy diagnosis via palpation or ultrasound can be performed on all livestock species. Estrous cycle manipulation strategies can be developed for a variety of species. Transcervical or laparoscopic artificial insemination can be performed for all livestock species. Breeding soundness examinations can be performed for all livestock species.  Semen freezing is available for most livestock species. Embryo transfer via conventional flushing or in vitro fertilization is available with advance notice.

    On-Farm Services

    Our team members travel in a truck designed for mobile veterinary care to perform routine livestock procedures and treat ill animals on farms throughout east central Illinois. The typical practice radius is approximately 50 miles, although exceptions are made in special circumstances.

    Our Veterinarians
    Brian Aldridge, BVSc, MS, PhD, DACVIM, RCVS
    Edgar Garrett, DVM, MS, DACT
    Andy Hubner, DVM, PhD Candidate
    Thomas Lowery, DVM
    Tessa Marshall, BVSc, MS, DABVP (Dairy Practice)
    Suzanna Storms, DVM, PhD Candidate

    Additional FARMS Clinical Staff

    Brittany Biehl, CVT
    Betsy Laurence, CVT
    Amy Saupe, CVT
    Shawn Stevens, CVT
    Merinda Venatta, CVT

  • 3T MRI

    I have nothing but excellent things to say about this place. From the office staff to the health care professionals, [all] have always been so caring, helpful, and thorough. My Scottie had cancer and was treated here. She had her MRI, surgery, chemo, and aftercare all at U of I.

    Rebecca S.

    Our diagnostic imaging service is an integral part of the hospital’s diagnostic capabilities. Through the use of state-of-the-art equipment, and imaging specialists, we’re able to provide the information needed to best identify and treat your animal’s condition.


    • Computed Tomography (CT) for small and large animals (equine)
    • Digital radiography
    • 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for small and large animals
    • Nuclear medicine
    • Ultrasonography

    Our Veterinarians

    Audrey Billhymer, DVM, DACVR
    Cintia Oliveira, DVM, MS, DACVR

    Additional Imaging Clinical Staff

    Mel Fletcher, CVT
    Kayla Hasselbring, CVT
    Taylor Kauffman, CVT
    Dallas McCormike, CVT
    Melinda Smith, CVT
    Sarah Van Note B.S., R.T (R)(M)(CT)(BD)
    Megan Vite, CVT
    Stephanie Walker, CVT

  • Dr. Rubin

    My 12-year-old dog with Addison’s disease requires a lot of care, and my experience with internal medicine was awesome from start to finish. Emily, the vet student who worked with us, was outstanding. She had reviewed Wrigley’s chart thoroughly (not an easy feat!) and was compassionate and knowledgeable. Dr. Barko was also great, and I feel very comfortable having Wrigley’s care in his hands.

    Amy C.

    We’re here to find the cause of your pet’s condition with help from the hospital’s advanced diagnostic testing, veterinary pathology, and imaging capabilities, and to recommend or provide treatment.


    • Endocrine
      • Addison’s disease
      • Cushing’s disease
      • Diabetes
      • Hyperthyroidism
    • Gastrointestinal
      • Esophagus
      • Stomach
      • Small and large intestine
    • Infectious disease
      • Blastomycosis
      • Leptospirosis
      • Nasal aspergillosis
    • Inflammatory disease
      • Blood cells (IMHA, ITP)
      • Joints
      • Polymyositis
    • Liver and gallbladder
    • Pancreas
    • Respiratory system (nose, larynx, trachea, bronchi, lung)
    • Urinary system
      • Acute and chronic kidney disease

    Special Procedures

    • Endoscopy
    • Radioiodine therapy

    Our Veterinarians

    Jennifer Reinhart, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVIM-SAIM, DACVCP
    Marcella D. Ridgway, VMD, MS, DACVIM-SAIM
    David Williams, MA, VetMB, PhD, DACVIM-SAIM, DECVIM-CA

    Allison Bechtel, DVM, Resident
    Rebekah Brown, DVM, Resident
    Nicole Laia, DVM, Resident
    Antonia Ioannou, BVMS, Rotating Intern
    Twisha Jani, DVM, Rotating Intern
    Jaeyoung Kim, DVM, PhD, Rotating Intern
    Pedro Juan Soto-Elias, DVM, Rotating Intern
    Ashley Souza, DVM, Rotating Intern
    Regan Stoneburner, DVM, Rotating Intern
    Christine Tran Hoang, DVM, Rotating Intern
    Alexandra Varela Ortiz, DVM, Rotating Intern
    Mara Vernier, DVM, Rotating Intern

    Additional Internal Medicine Clinical Staff

    Carrie Bubb, CVT
    Sara Roy, CVT

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  • neurology

    The vet called and said, ‘Something’s not right.’ That’s when we decided she needed to go to the U of I. … We did not think [Mayzie] would ever walk again at all…. But we rushed her to the U of I and everyone up there was wonderful. They just took really good care of her and they talked us through everything.

    Sharon S.

    Compassionate care for neurological patients and their families is of the utmost importance to us. Our neurology service provides comprehensive diagnostic testing along with advanced medical and surgical treatment options for animals with disorders of the spinal cord, brain, and neuromuscular system.

    If your pet is showing these signs, consult your veterinarian to see if your pet might benefit from an appointment with our neurology team:

    • Head tilt
    • Circling
    • Falling over
    • Dizziness
    • Disorientation/behavior change
    • Weakness
    • Seizures


    We treat a variety of neurologic issues. Common conditions include:

    • Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD)
    • Spinal cord disease
    • Brain and spinal tumors
    • Inflammation of the brain and spinal cord (meningitis/encephalitis)
    • Seizures
    • Neuromuscular disorders

    Special Capabilities

    • Brain and spinal surgery
    • Cerebrospinal fluid collection and analysis
    • Computed tomography (CT)
    • Electrodiagnostics, including electroencephalogram (EEG), brainstem auditory evoked reflex/potential (BAER), electromyography (EMG), nerve conduction velocity (NCV)
    • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

    Our Veterinarians
    Kari Foss, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Neurology)
    Devon Wallis Hague, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology)

    Lindsey Graham, DVM, Resident
    Francisco Guevara, DVM, Resident
    Aaron Paushter, DVM, Resident

    Additional Neurology Clinical Staff
    Rachel Hawker, CVT
    Denise Weber, CVT


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  • My guide dog, Bart, had osteosarcoma…. We were told that he would live only 1 to 3 months unless we had his leg amputated and then he may have an additional 3 months. When we met with the doctor at U of I, we were told about the study regarding Bart’s cancer and agreed to put Bart on the trial. Bart lived a very full life for an additional 13 months. … The doctors made sure that he was comfortable and relatively pain-free throughout his battle.

    Jeremy S.

    [Tim Fan with a canine patient and vet tech Rebecca Kamerer.]

    Facing the diagnosis of cancer in a beloved pet is an emotional and frightening experience. Our oncology specialists are here to help family members navigate testing and treatment options to find the plan that works best for everyone.


    • Medical oncology
      • Diagnosis
      • Staging (evaluating the extent of the disease)
      • Treatment (e.g. chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapies)
    • Radiation therapy
    • Clinical trials (cutting-edge therapies, some with financial support)

    Special Capabilities

    • Active clinical trials offering targeted cancer treatments
    • Partnering with the National Cancer Institute to evaluate new anti-cancer drugs for dogs and cats
    • Advanced equipment to assess bone health
    • Computerized pressure-sensing gait analysis equipment to evaluate pain in dogs with bone disease/tumors

    Our Veterinarians
    Timothy M. Fan, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Oncology, Small Animal Internal Medicine)
    Laura D. Garrett, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)
    Kimberly Selting, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Oncology), DACVR (Radiation Oncology)
    Alycen Lundberg, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology), PhD Candidate

    Matthew Berry, DVM, Resident
    Sunny Kao, DVM, Resident
    Alison Masyr, DVM, Resident
    Amanda Seelman, DVM, MS, Resident
    Jennifer Yee, DVM, Radiation Oncology Resident
    Rebecca Bernstein, DVM, Medical Oncology Clinical Trials Intern

    Additional Staff
    Jenny Byrd, CVT
    Tara Dolbert, CVT
    Darleen Drake, CVT, Radiation Oncology
    Becca Guess, CVT
    Rebecca Kamerer, CVT
    Valerie Wasinski, CVT, Radiation Oncology

    See a list of current clinical trials.

    Learn more about chemotherapy.

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  • We took our young lab-mix rescue that had an injured eye that wasn’t responding to two months of treatment. The U of I exam was so very thorough and gentle. Their care and knowledge was very detailed.

    DeAnn R.

    [Dr. Kathryn Fleming examines a cat's eyes]Our ophthalmology service offers comprehensive eye care for small animals, large animals, and exotic animals. We use state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and treat ocular diseases. Once we have made a diagnosis, we’ll work with you and your animal to treat the problem and help you learn to detect eye diseases in the early stages.


    We treat a wide variety of eye-related issues. Common conditions include:

    • Corneal ulcers
    • Cataract and cataract surgery
    • Dry eye
    • Glaucoma
    • Eyelid diseases and defects
    • Hereditary eye disease

    Special Capabilities

    • Endolaser treatment for glaucoma
    • Phacoemulsification for cataract removal
    • Corneal grafts and transplants
    • Cyclosporine implants in horses
    • Electroretinography
    • Iris cyst ablation

    Our Veterinarians
    Kathryn Fleming, DVM, PhD, DACVO

    Tatiane Villar, DVM, Resident

    Additional Ophthalmology Clinical Staff

    Shari Poruba, CVT
    Lorri Zoch, CVT

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  • Dr. Harper

    It’s been just phenomenal. It was practically an overnight turnaround. These people are so spectacular. They clearly love the animals, and the animals appear to absolutely love the team, too.

    Rob G.

    Our rehabilitation services are similar to the treatment approaches used in human physical therapy. Working with our rehabilitation specialists can help your animal with:
    • Improved post-operative recovery
    • Improved quality of life
    • Restored activity level and function

    If you or your veterinarian think rehabilitation might help your pet, contact us. All new patients will receive a full physical, neurologic, and orthopedic exams plus various baseline measurements to help us develop a personalized therapy plan. We offer a variety of appointment options including scheduling outpatient appointments, single-day drop-off appointments, and medical boarding with rehabilitation for extended therapy. No referral is needed, although one is helpful.


    Special Capabilities

    • Athletic conditioning
    • Dogs with chronic or neurologic conditions
    • Chronic DJD
    • Post-operative patients

    Our Veterinarian

    Catherine Foreman-Hesterberg, DVM
    Tisha A.M. Harper, DVM, MS, DACVS-SA, DACVSMR, CCRP*

    Rehabilitation Specialists
    Carrie Chandler, CVT, CCRP*
    Kim Knap, BS, CVT, CCRP*

    *Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner

    For more information on Physical Rehabilitation or to schedule an appointment, please contact our rehabilitation specialists Kim Knap or Carrie Chandler directly at 217-265-5314 or

    Learn more about our rehabilitation treatment approaches.

  • Dr. Canisso

    For large animals, we offer breeding services, also known as theriogenology.





    Equine Theriogenology

    Equine Services

    • Artificial insemination
    • Control of sexual behavior of mares and stallions
    • Foaling management
    • Manage of high-risk pregnancies
    • Consult on abortion and outbreaks
    • Stallion conditioning for breeding shed
    • Management of low fertility stallions and mares
    • Embryo transfer
    • Semen collection, evaluation, and shipping
    • Semen freezing and testing
    • Epididymal semen college and freezing
    • Breeding soundness evaluation of mares and stallions
    • Investigation of poor athletic performance
    • Dystocia managment
    • Management of post-partum complications

    Our Veterinarians
    Igor Canisso, DVM, MSc, PhD, DACT, DECAR (equine emphasis)

    Additional Staff
    Giorgia Podico, DVM, Resident
    Kianna Spencer, DVM, Resident
    Claire Kaplan, Assistant

    Food Animal Reproduction Medicine Services Theriogenology

    Bovine Services

    • Herd reproduction record analysis and consultation, including nutritional and cow comfort
    • Immunization schedules to maximize reproduction
    • In vitro fertilization
    • Ovum pick-up techniques
    • Synchronized breeding programs

    Small Animal Ruminant Services (Sheep, Goats, and Deer)

    • Laproscopic AI
    • Herd health plans
    • Fetal sexing and counting
    • Pregnancy exams
    • Sync programs
    • Infertility workup

    Our Veterinarians
    Edgar Garrett, DVM, MS, DACT
    Tessa Marshall, BVSc, MS, DABVP (Dairy Practice)

    Additional Staff
    Kianna Spencer, DVM, Resident

  • surgery

    Our dog suddenly fell ill. We brought him to our local vets; no one knew exactly what was wrong. We then brought him to the U of I animal clinic. They diagnosed him accurately that day and performed emergency surgery. Without them my dog would have died. I can’t thank them enough for their help and compassion.

    Tricia H.

    With the help of our diagnostic lab and imaging service, we’re able to diagnose your animal and offer state-of-the-art treatment options in both orthopedic and soft tissue surgery.

    Orthopedic Surgery

    This area focuses on surgical and medical treatments for orthopedic and neurological diseases.

    Common orthopedic conditions include:

    • Angular limb deformities
    • Arthroscopic joint exploration
    • Canine hip dysplasia
    • Cranial cruciate ligament disease
    • Degenerative joint disease
    • Diseases of the elbow and shoulder
    • Fracture repair
    • Patella luxation (dislocated knee)

    Special capabilities:

    • Arthroscopic joint exploration
    • Fluoroscopy-guided fracture repair
    • Locking plate fracture fixation
    • Platelet Rich Plasma
    • C-arm radiology during surgery

    Learn more about orthopedic surgery. Read our FAQ page.

    Soft Tissue/Oncologic Surgery

    This area works extensively with all small animals in our cancer care clinic and provides surgical expertise for animals with soft-tissue diseases.

    Common soft tissue surgeries and special capabilities include:

    • Head and neck surgery, such as total ear canal ablation and brachycephalic airway surgery, including the LATE procedure
    • Thoracic tissue and organ surgery, such as patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) and persistent right aortic arch
    • Abdominal tissue and organ surgery, from hernia repair to gastropexy, pancreatic surgery, and advanced urinary tract surgery, including microsurgery
    • Skin and reconstructive surgery for wounds and mass removal, as well as limb, digit, and tail amputation
    • Minimally invasive surgery
    • Thoracoscopy
    • Laparoscopy, including prophylactic gastropexy and liver and other tissue biopsy

    Our Veterinarians
    Hadley Gleason, VMD, MS DACVS-SA
    Tisha A.M. Harper, DVM, MS, DACVS-SA, DACVSMR, CCRP*
    Clara Moran, DVM, MS, DACVS-SA
    Heidi Phillips, VMD, DACVS-SA
    Jacqui Scott, DVSc, BVSc, DACVS-SA

    Jacqueline Cavalcanti, DVM, Resident
    Kyle Chu, DVM, Resident
    Jennifer Kuzminsky, DVM, MS, Resident
    Ava Song, DVM, Resident
    Monica Chen, DVM, Intern
    Alberto Oramas, DVM, Intern

    Additional Small Animal Surgery Clinical Staff

    Janelle Burke, CVT
    Carli Burris, CVT
    Rachel Dorney, CVT
    Kellie Gard, CVT
    Amanda Green, CVT
    Carrie Palmer, CVT
    Dana Robeck, CVT
    Shawn Stevens, CVT
    Amanda Widick, CVT

    *Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner

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Other Services

  • Client Counselor Specialist
    Gail Wallis Hague

    The Veterinary Teaching Hospital offers grief counseling to help clients through the process of healing. Gail Hague is a counseling psychologist with over 40 years of counseling experience. The special support of a therapeutic relationship can help anyone experiencing difficulty with the loss of a beloved animal to move forward. There is no charge for grief counseling for our clientele or for the clientele of our referring veterinarians. Please feel free to call for information about healing and support.

    9 am–6 pm
    (217) 300-3494

    In addition, a list of pet loss help centers can be found on the American Veterinary Medical Association website. See AVMA Important Resources for Veterinarians, under “Pet Loss Support – Grief Counseling.”

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  • pharmacyWe have a full-service medication dispensary that fills prescriptions, provides intravenous admixture service, formulates and prepares compounded medications, and advises on dosages and pharmacy calculations. Medications may be dispensed to clients only for conditions currently being treated by hospital clinicians.

    NOTICE: Medical Dispensary Hours During Reduced Service Order

    • Monday—Friday: 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.
    • Please call the Medication Dispensary for refills of medications.
    • You will pick up the medication by parking in the VTH Small Animal Clinic client parking lot.
      • When you park call 217-333-5300 and notify a client service representative that you are here to pick up medications.

    Medication Dispensary hours:
    Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
    Saturday: 8 a.m.-noon

    Accommodations Available Upon Request
    If you would like your prescription bottles to have reversible easy-open caps, please let us know before we fill the prescription. Otherwise, prescription bottles will have childproof caps.

    Lauren Forsythe, PharmD, DICVP, FSVHP
    Alex Gochenauer, PharmD, FSVHP

    Medication Dispensary Technicians
    Jenny Chen, CPhT
    Linda Glynn, CPhT
    Austin Smith, CPhT

    Watch tutorials developed by our pharmacist on how to administer certain medications to pets.

  • The University of Illinois Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory provides diagnostic medical testing for infectious agents, toxins, and other causes of disease in animal diagnostic samples that are submitted by veterinary practitioners serving animal owners; public officials associated with public health, law, or wildlife management; and scientists with collaborative research projects. Faculty and staff are composed of pathologists, clinical pathologists, histotechnologists, microbiologists, virologists, immunologists, parasitologists, and serologists.

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