Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Caring for Strays

Tips and contact information for stray animals

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital will not take in healthy unowned animals brought in by the public.  We do accept and offer triage for injured animals whose ownership is unknown. Please do not bring healthy stray animals to the hospital.  Instead here are some tips and contacts to assist in caring for a stray.

What to do if you find a stray:

  • Approach the stray animal with caution.
  • Keep the animal away from children or other animals.
  • Seclude the animal in a small room or pet carrier.
  • Provide the animal with water.
  • Give the animal a small portion of food.  If it is a kitten, do not give them cow’s milk.
  • Contact the locally designated agency to have the animal scanned for a microchip and given a medical exam.


Local agency contacts:

Champaign County 217-333-8911
Bondville 217-863-2040
Homer 217-896-2221
Ludlow 217-396-7341
Mahomet 217-586-5533
Savoy 217-352-7744
St. Joseph 217-469-7371
Douglas County 217-253-4921 217-253-2913
Ford County 217-749-2369
Macon County 217-425-4508 ext. 3 or 4 217-424-1311
McLean County 309-888-5030
Bloomington 309-820-8888
Piatt County 217-762-2812 217-762-5761
Bement 217-278-1379 217-678-4741
Cerro Gordo 217-763-3361
Cisco 217-669-2163
Hammond 217-262-3431
Mansfield 217-489-5581
Monticello 217-762-2895
Vermillion County 217-431-2660 217-442-2766