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Obesity in Horses: A Link to Lameness

Aug 20, 2012 / General Care / Horses

About half of all pleasure horses in the United States are overweight. As in people, dogs, and cats, obesity in horses is both common and commonly overlooked. And just as in other species, obesity in horses brings with it serious health complications. About half of all pleasure horses in the United States are overweight, according...

Researcher Explores Role of Vitamin D in Pet Health

Jul 16, 2012 / General Care / Cats / Dogs

Dr. O’Brien urges owners to feed their pets a quality commercial diet to ensure their pets are getting enough vitamin D. Got vitamin D? Most people know that this compound, a supplement frequently added to milk, plays a role in developing and maintaining healthy bones. But recent findings in humans suggest that vitamin D has...

Congratulations! It’s a Cat!

Jun 5, 2012 / General Care / Cats

Three recommendations directly relate to ensuring the health and safety of your newest family member. Are you planning to bring home a bundle of joy during National Adopt-A-Cat Month? Following the explosion in the kitten population that occurs each spring, June is when the American Humane Association and other animal organizations jointly encourage adoption of...

CSI for Animals: Veterinary Forensics

May 29, 2012

Veterinary forensics can involve an animal being the victim or an animal being the perpetrator. You’ve watched crime scene investigation reality shows on TV, but have you ever thought about CSI for animals? Dr. Adam Stern, a board-certified veterinary pathologist at the University of Illinois Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in Urbana, has a special interest in...